YPN News 12-17-2016

Pay Close attention. What you’re about to see is Bible Prophecy being fulfilled.


Caton: Welcome to another edition of YPN News. Bringing you news as it relates to Bible Prophecy and foretold by Yisrayl Hawkins. We’ve got more war in Aleppo, I guess I should say I continuation of the war in Aleppo. Bunker building is on the rise here and when can’t an abortion be performed? Well according to one Midwestern State which a law was recently passed, we’re going to have some news on that. These are just some of the topics in an ever increasing world of turmoil.


Caton: Well we first start off that the Syrian government has reported that Israeli war planes have launched airstrikes on the outskirts of the capital Damascus. Israel reportedly fired two missiles on Syria after breeching Lebanese airspace. Those missiles landed in an area just west of Damascus. There were no reported casualties from the dawn airstrikes.


Jeff: Sources say that the strikes were an attempt to lift the spirits of militant groups following the Syrian army’s recent successes. Israel's, previous attacks against Syria have been mainly in the Golan Heights region. Damascus has accused Tel Aviv of backing militants fighting against the Syrian government and the sporadic attacks are in line with Tel Aviv's policy.


Caton: Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov said that Russian airstrikes on Aleppo will continue as long as there are militants who remain in the city. He also said the US and Russia still have a great chance of reaching an agreement on Aleppo and that the US has a strange position on Syria, accusing the US of dragging out the talks on accords to allow militants to leave the eastern city and he also said that Moscow wants to avoid additional casualties and destruction in east Aleppo.


Jeff: The battle for Aleppo wages on. Syria’s largest war in Aleppo which was taken over in 2012 by anti-government rebels which is backed by the United States is slowly falling back into control of the Assad regime. Explosions in the rebel controlled east keep civilians trapped as the fighting continues. For civilians who have escaped to the government side, they’ve found relief in the form of food, shelter and medical care.


Caton: This is a much different scene from the rebel controlled east where hospitals were the target of shelling. The Syrian government has begun to bus civilians back to recaptured cities. One man who returned after abandoning his home four years earlier recently returned and said, he wasn’t able to find anything.


Jeff: Although a lot of media attention has been on Aleppo, many other areas in Syria have been under attack. Syria and its Russian ally unleashed its fire power on Cufram Bell in Eelib (Kefraya in Idlib), killing dozens of civilians. Rustan, a town in Homs also received airstrikes where terrified children were sent running scared for shelter from the attacks.


Caton: Russia’s foreign minister, Lavrov said Russia and the US have discussed pulling militants out of Aleppo at a recent meeting in Geneva. It seems as though the US and Russia have negotiated a deal that could bring about their withdrawal from Aleppo. This could be an indication of a major change in US policy regarding Syria. The details of this was to be hammered out on the 10th of December.


Jeff: Previously on the 2nd of December, there was a deal that was tabled by the US and Russian Foreign ministry. That deal all fell apart. The Russian ministry accused the US State Department of using stalling tactics, which gave the rebels that they supported on the ground more time. Lavrov also mentioned how the US refused to call the battel in Aleppo, “a fight against terrorism.”


Caton: Lavrov, said that he brought that matter up to Kerry and said that the US never really wanted to condemn the al-Nusra front as a terrorist organization despite their affiliations with al-Qaeda.


Jeff: In a recent exclusive RT interview with Daniel Hawkins and the Russian Orthodox Church leader, Patriarch Kirill, spoke about a range of global conflicts and the Christian faith.

Let’s take a look at this interview.


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Caton: sounds like theres been a lot going on in the world of Christianity. The major focus in the Euphrates at present is Syria. We have Larry McGee following the latest details on Aleppo, plus the story behind the latest coming from Iran. Larry what do you have for us…


Larry: Tehran has voiced strong disapproval with regard to a recent Senate vote to extend sanctions against them. The Islamic nation stated that the move encroaches upon the latest nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1. Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Bahram Qasemi, contributed further yet, that the proposal also violates the US’s commitments under international law. The Persian official also suggested that recent “Domestic Developments” within the States should not become a pretext for America breaking its word, and he called on the outgoing President to employ all of his powers to prevent the enforcement of Anti-Iran legislation. The Iranian diplomat also went on record saying that Tehran is monitoring the situation, and they are preparing themselves for all possible scenarios, and will defend its rights under any circumstances…


It was all about defensiveness at a recent conference in Brussels, where 100 diplomats gathered to hear a debate concerning the future of NATO. At one point NATO Head, Jens Stoltenberg, was asked his thoughts on Aleppo being retaken by President Assad, and how the focus could now shift to defeating ISIS. That question the NATO General chose to ignore, responding instead that: “the important thing now is to have a ceasefire and cessation of hostilities as soon as possible, and then enable the resumption of humanitarian aid, and have a ceasefire which can then be a first step to a political solution”. The conference did not conclude however without a comparison between the results produced in Syria by Moscow as compared to the US, with the former being hailed as having been more successful against ISIS, despite being involved in the conflict a shorter amount of time. America and its allies are viewed by analyst as being hell-bent with their vendetta against President Assad, and his ousting and replacement with an administration more suitable to their objectives; but due to Russian rivalry, observers say Washington is set to fail…


As the coalition entitled the Friends of Syria gathered in Paris this week, the stage was set for more political contention, as several of the group’s key members- from France to the US- expressed disapproval for the motives of the Syrian government in retaking Aleppo. Secretary Kerry stated that: “…[Syria] and Russia have a fundamental responsibility…that if they are trying to effect a genuine transition…a genuine reach to get to the talks in Geneva, and a genuine cessation of hostilities to permit people to move. Then they need to provide guarantees and allow guarantees to be put in place that will make certain that people aren’t marching into a massacre”. Speaking as to why Western leaders remain negative in the face of what many people are calling a tremendous victory- with over 78,000 civilians being led to safety- former US Diplomat, Peter Galbraith stated, that in Aleppo there was a mixture of people, some which were rebels that the western nations supported.


Analyst say the position of Syria and Russia, is that they are tackling terrorists and militants, who have held people hostage for years. And their question, is why can’t the West accept that Aleppo has now been liberated? To which  Mr. Galbraith says: “the real question now is what happens. Regardless of the rights or wrongs of those who oppose President Assad”, he stated; “it’s clear that he has won this war…so the important thing now is to try and figure out ways to bring the fighting to an end, without more of the kind of tactics that have taken place in eastern Aleppo”. According to the former Ambassador, there is no use, in fighting a war once it’s already been lost… 


The opportunity to seize the moment and propose a complete ceasefire across all of Syria was not lost on Russia, negotiations are planned to take place, with Russia and Syria on one side; and Turkey and representatives of the armed opposition on the other. Delivering a statement from Japan, President Putin conveyed that he was seeking to have Astana, in Kazakhstan be the venue; and that if the parties of conflict agree, they will ask President Nazabaryev, the Head of 

Kazakhstan support the process. Provided it occurs, President Putin says the talks will be in addition to the Geneva talks, and not in competition. Intermittent UN brokered talks on Syria in Geneva have been taking place for almost a year now, but have failed to produce an end to the Syrian bloodshed. Oddly, World Health Organization Spokesman, Tarik Jasarevic reported that his organization was told to leave the area, but that they stand ready to work other 

Organizations such as the Syrian Red Crescent and the Red Cross to provide assistance and insure that ambulances are in place, and that hospitals that receive patients have the necessary supplies…For YPN News, I’m Larry McGee. Caton, Jeff…back to you.


Jeff: Definitely a terrible situation in Aleppo and its probably not going to improve anytime soon. Well CBS News sources recently reported, that some in the United States intelligence community believe the cyberattacks on the Democratic National Party took place because the Russian government wanted Donald Trump to win the Presidential elections.



Caton: Of course not everyone, in law enforcement and the intelligence community are in agreement with that idea. Of course they also dont know how to prove that the Russians were working specifically to try and tip the scales in the favor of Trump. The FBI has to work to build a case, which if given enough evidence would lead to a prosecution of some kind. Although it is unclear if anyone can even be prosecuted in this situation.



Jeff: The CIA on the other hand just assesses the situation and works off a confidence scale. So the investigation is not as deep as the FBIs, nor are they looking to prosecute. However, everything seems to suggest that it was just an intent to cause disruption, not to actually promote a particular candidate to President.



Caton: Whether investigators are going to be able to prove that the intent was to favor Trump specifically is still up for debate. The President has asked for a report, on the matter which he expects will be completed before he leaves office.



Jeff: Now theres been some talk about retaliation in the form of more sanctions, or possible use of offensive Cyber capabilities which the United States has. So the question is Caton, does the Administration want to get into a tit-for-tat with the Russian government? There are a lot of people that feel thats something the Obama Administration doesnt want and to be frank, you really dont know where that leads next.



Caton: Thats right. Well our next story left the United States Navy dumbfounded.  One of their ships was recovering underwater drones, which were taking samples of the water in the South China Sea. The data collected from the samples helps sonar operators as they search for submarines. A Chinese Navy ship came up on the operation and sent out a small boat which picked up one of the drones from the surface of the water. The boat then sailed back to the ship ignoring radio calls to return the US drone.



Jeff: Even though the drone is an unmanned vessel, it has the same rights of sovereign immunity as any manned US ship. And the fact that the Chinese just came and seized it, even though it contains no sensitive information, is what theyre saying, shows the level of tension there between the US and China in that area.



Caton: Well Jeff, weve talked about this continual shoving match thats going on between a number of navys in The South China Sea before. And of course they are trying to show who the dominant power is there.  In past incidents the Chinese have harassed research vessels and even rammed several of them in an effort to make them stop their data collection, because of course they want to keep their submarines hidden in the South China Sea.


Jeff: However it is unclear if the theft of the drone was for the same reason or because the Chinese government is displeased with President Elect, Donald Trump for taking a call from the President of Taiwan


Caton: From underwater to underground. A trend which has become popular among some concerned citizens in the US. While there have always been predictions forecasting the end of the world, there hasnt always been the same preparations made that some are making these days.


Jeff: Ron Hubbard started with a big piece of pipe and an idea which today he calls Atlas Survival Shelters.  Building Backyard bunkers for people is big business today as the fear market is booming. In an interview with CBS he said, I cant build them fast enough right now. Adding, Its better to have a shelter 10 years early than 5 minutes late.


Caton: For those who are familiar with the Cold War era style concrete bunkers with just the basics, Rons survival shelters are comparable to a small home, having all the amenities as a house, but just 20 underground.  Ron says, nothing is off limits in these bunkers, including Luxury bedrooms, big screen TVs, game rooms, and underground pools, you can have anything you want. I guess to keep your mind off the disaster above your head.


Jeff: Does sound pretty fancy. Of course there is no lack of apocalyptic possibilities in the world today for a man who is selling safety and style. Hubbard compared the situation now to over 5 decades ago, when he said, In the 60s they only worried about the nuclear attack from Cuba and Russia. Now we have to worry about biological attacks, chemical warfare, terrorist threats, economic crash, nuclear fallout, and  nuclear threats from Korea and China. And thats really just naming two theres probably a lot more.


Caton: Oh yeah, most definitely. Well some people might think that those who build survival shelters are a little crazy, Hubbard did too.  But what he found is that theyre actually not, but professionals, businessmen like him, who value the safety of their families and have the means to pay for it. And if they want they can even use it as a guest house for visiting relatives.


Jeff: Mr. Hubbards business has him wondering at times. He said, Its amazing what we can do underground. Theres no limit. I mean, I hope it never happens, but mathematically it all adds up to Armaggedon.  So interesting that theres got to be a lot of people seeing now as they watch these world events unfoldthere has to be a lot of fear that their putting it in high gear, building these bunkers.


Caton: So it’s eveident something is on the horizon. It’s going to be big. Our final report concerns a controversial abortion bill called the Heartbeat Bill. Ohio State lawmakers approved the legislation banning abortions, the moment the heartbeat of a fetus is detected. The heartbeat can usually be found 6 weeks into a pregnancy. Now the bill sits on Ohio Governor, John Kasichs desk. If he signs it into Law it will be one of the toughest restrictions on abortion in the nation.



Jeff: Of course after the Supreme Court case of Roe vs Wade states can legislate what they want to do. But the fundamental question for that issue has never been answered. When does life begin? And this is where Caton, science comes in and they try to say one thing and this group will say something else, but the sad part is The World Health Organization has estimated that 40-50 million abortions. That breaks down to 125,000 abortions per day. 


Caton: Thats one too many. In fact many scientists have proven that life starts at conception. In fact we wont see this problem go away until people start receiving education in moral values, where theyll make right choices.


Jeff: Taught how to be responsible.


Caton: Avoid risk taking behaviors and of course start to value themselves and all life.


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