Assad Vows He Will By Force, Of Course

 President Assad vows to take back everything lost to all of his “enemies”. “Then, we will have peace?” President Trump vows a wall and a haul to rid the United States of America from all refugees. “Then, we will have peace?” I do respect every man and woman in and out of any office, and […] Read more »

All Nations, All Religions Need Now to Repent

 There are 4199 religions in this generation and all of you are practicing murder and war. According to your versions of The Book of Yahweh, such as the King James Version, and the very plain, inspired Scriptures in The Book of Yahweh, all 4199 houses of the Gods you call churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, shrines, […] Read more »

Unity – The Missing Link There’s a Cause for All Curses

We call this country the United States, and it is somewhat. The Roman Catholic Church and the tyrannical Vatican (divining serpent) used the tyrant, Columbus, to either slaughter or “educate” all of the original settlers living in the Americas, before the Queen actually sent Columbus to either wipe out or convert the first settlers to […] Read more »

The Work of Yahweh in This Generation

  Yahweh our Righteousness. Yeremyah 23:6 …Yahweh our Righteousness. There is a prophesied Work of Yahweh established in the United States. It was established in 1983, in the time period called, by the Savior, Yahshua Messiah, the Last Days. It is also the generation of the nuclear bombs that can darken the sun. In 29 […] Read more »

The Two Witnesses Are Prophesied To Teach Yahweh’s Laws

    The Two Witnesses are part of the prophesied Work of Yahweh for this prophesied generation. Read first: Amosyah 3:7 Most assuredly Father Yahweh will have no work, other than the Work that He has prophesied in advance by His Servants the Prophets.   The Savior, Yahshua Messiah, said: Luke 24:25 Then He said […] Read more »