Teaching “Do Not Bully” In Itself Will Not Stop Bullying


Passing new laws or even strictly enforcing old ones will not stop school shootings or bullying.


Lawsuits against the Vatican–Roman Catholic Church will not stop the sodomites from raping children.


Laws against sodomy will not stop those the Roman Catholic Church chooses to call “gays”.


Laws against murdering babies will not stop what the Roman Catholic Church chooses to call abortions.


Passing laws against the Roman Catholic Church, the Vatican, their priests, and all of their sodomites will not stop their worship of sodomite Gods.


Passing laws against their Gods is like passing laws against Satan and her deception of 4,198 religions.


The Whole World Deceived


Revelation 12:9 shows it, and it’s a proven fact.


Would you like to see proof? Call 325-893-5899 or email info@yahweh.com and ask for it.


Stop School Shootings

And Bullying,

Even Wars


It is possible to stop these atrocities in as little as 12 months. Just one year of training in the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program, and it’s done.


To Stop Bullying


To stop bullying, the bullier needs to undertake a learning program that will show him or her the benefits of not bullying others, and the changes he or she must make in order to reap the benefits.


The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program does just that.


It is such a simple program that it can be taught to anyone, no matter their age or level of education. Even those unable to read, can be taught and will succeed.


Over 90% of those who have taken the course say they started experiencing positive changes in themselves from their very first lesson.


The Problem With

The Educational System

In This Generation


Money is the top priority with the system.


But…but…but… a quick look at available jobs and those that will be or could be eliminated puts doubtful thoughts in one’s mind. When dwelt on long enough, depression and feelings of helplessness could set in, leaving one with a “what’s the use, why has society dealt me this legacy” attitude.


It’s at that point that many break and do lasting harm to themselves or others because…




Because they simply don’t know what to do to rectify the situation.


Not having been taught the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program, they are simply at a loss as to what to do next.


The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program teaches the student, in advance, how to cope, why to cope, and how to turn each road block into a stepping stone to a higher position in order to help oneself and others.


Even the thought of helping others brings far greater benefits to anyone’s life than you would ever believe, and it’s taught in the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program.  


The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program is a proven educational program that has been and is currently used to help those in society, considered to be the worst, turn their lives around; so we know, without doubt, it will work for anyone.


If this program was required to be taught in all schools, so many of society’s ills—bullying, school shootings, even war—could be brought to a halt in 12 months. This program is that powerful.


You are urged to call 888-613-9494. The Peaceful Solution Character Education support team is eager to help you get this program started in your area.


Yisrayl Hawkins

Founder and Author

The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program


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