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The Book of Yahweh has the best reference of any bible I know, and is used exclusively in this article unless otherwise specified. It has the Sacred Names restored, which were replaced under the direction of the Vatican (Roman Catholic Church) in all versions, such as the King James version.


Urgently Needed Globally


Violence breeds violence: As law and order breaks down, Americans’ obsession with firearms grows stronger than ever

Chris Sweeney


Sales of guns are soaring across the US, with many first-time buyers taking up arms. Changing people’s mindset seems a lost cause.


The obsession with nuclear weapons is also growing stronger in all nations.


Two Laws Needed


There are two Laws which, if adopted by mankind now, would solve the two overwhelming problems faced globally as I write this prophesied warning to all world leaders—religious and political.


These two Laws were given to mankind 6,000 years ago by an Almighty Being Whose wisdom and knowledge is so great that from nothing He created the earth and hung it in space. He set its location and rotation by Law, to keep it in position, for mankind, forever.


This Being shows that the earth was planned and created for the purpose of building a Yahweh Family. These two Laws created by Yahweh were for the purpose of keeping love practiced continually between all mankind, so that mankind would be made into the Image and Likeness of Yahweh and become the Eternal Unified Family of Yahweh.


In this generation, none of the 4,199 religions leading the world teach the Laws of Yahweh, because they do not understand the eternal benefits of them.


The world does not associate these Laws with the Creator, Yahweh; yet, it is Yahweh’s Great Wisdom that we should be drawing on to solve the world’s problems.


Fighting and Wars


The religions have pursued fighting and war in their search for peace for almost 6,000 years. Surely, people can see that violence, vengeance and retaliation have only gotten worse, and weapons of war now threaten extinction, in this generation, as Yahweh shows us in Prophecy.


Violent Wars & Violent Epidemics

In the Next 2½ Years


We are in a time period called “The End” by Yahweh’s Prophets. This time period started with a seven-year peace plan that was written in Prophecy 2,000 years ago. That Prophecy is 100% accurate. Details of that seven-year peace plan was published in our book, The Mark of the Beast, Volume 1, which was written in 1976. Before that date, the only mention of that peace plan was in Prophecy.


The Prophecies were given by Yahweh and written by His Inspired Prophets, in the Sacred Scriptures. The Mark of the Beast shows, in detail, events of the last seven years, which will end in the next 2½ years with plagues and destruction.


Only 2½ years remain of the last 3½ years of the 7-year peace plan that is prophesied to end with destruction. Yes, the last 3½ years are in progress as I write; in fact, one year has already passed.


Acceptable character cannot be built in one day.


Force, of any kind, eventually leads to extreme disagreement. Protests, peaceful or otherwise, merely show that unity is not in the making. No two can walk together unless they are in agreement. Unity between all people, alive and active, is the only possible solution.


What they are calling “peaceful protests”, such as those being experienced as I write, are nothing more than gestures that can turn sour in minutes.


Two Laws are urgently needed globally and need to be agreed upon in order to stop war and racism in their tracks, and to set the movement of all people towards learning unity, for the cause of Peace.


Again I say, those two Laws, if adopted by mankind now, would solve the two overwhelming problems faced globally as I write this prophesied warning to all world leaders—religious and political.


The Judgment of the end is set by your present and past actions. There is no Righteous character taught and practiced by any nation or God-worshiping religion in this generation.


Nation is against nation. Religion is against religion. Famines, disease epidemics and nuclear burning will result. The protests will continue, but they will not build positive character or unity. The seven last plagues will end.


Read this:

Mattithyah 24:21

For then will be Great Tribulation, such as has not come to pass since the beginning of the world to this time—no, nor ever will be.


Did you notice, ‘they will never be again’?


The seven last plagues—the coronavirus was the first of the seven last plagues—that’s the end. They will never be again.


There are two Laws that show the way out, but you need to start practicing them now! All questions will be answered.


Yahweh bless your understanding.

Love, True Love,



Yisrayl Hawkins




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