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Introduction: Pay close attention the News you are about to see is fulfilling Bible Prophecy. 


Caton: Welcome to another edition of YPN News bringing you news as it relates to Bible Prophecy and foretold by Yisrayl Hawkins. Well of course we have more trouble brewing in the Middle East, Russia and Turkey are back in the news. But we also have problems of our own right here in the United States of America.


We’re going to start off though with one of NATO’s key members. Turkey is considering     cooperation with Russia, who is not a NATO member, as relations with Turkey and NATO has been on the downward spiral. The Turkish foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said, “It seems to us that NATO members behave in an invasive fashion on issues such as exchange in technology and joint investments. If Russia was to treat this with interest we are ready to consider the possibility of cooperation in this sector.”


Jeff: Other nations are increasing their cooperation with Syria. China is seeking closer military ties with Syria. Now according to military officials, the Chinese military is willing to provide aid and training assistance to the Syrian government. This is a different stance from the stand-offish stance that China has taken in the past regarding the war in Syria. Chinese news agencies reported that while visiting Damascus, Chinese military officials also met with a Russian general.


Caton: Hmm, interest. Well as a result you see a potential alliance forming with both China and Iran. This past week Russian jets launched airstrikes against ISIL from an Iranian base. The Russian military said that the strikes have eliminated 5 weapons depots and training compounds in the area. So there’s a strategic cooperation between Russia, Iran and Syria and of course now China is going to be added to that alliance.


Jeff: The difference between this alliance and the American lead one is to target terrorists; Russia, Iran and China are supporting the Syrian army while the US led coalition is supporting rebel led forces in Syria.  Now the problem is that sometimes those rebel forces, Caton they join with the terrorist so it becomes real hard to distinguish between the rebel forces from what they call the terrorist forces.


Caton: Right, right. So, I guess Jeff if all of this goes through you’ll have US led forces, the coalition led by the United States, accompanied by the UK, France, of course Saudi Arabia among others supporting the rebels in Syria. But on the other hand you’ll have Russia, Iran, China and possibly Turkey supporting the Assad government all in an attempt to combat terrorism. So it seems like both coalitions that are working to combat terrorism are actually combating one another.


Jeff: That’s right. Well German Chancellor Angela Merkel says that there’s no need to lift the EU sanctions on Russia and that they should remain in place because Moscow hasn’t lived up to all of its agreements under the Minsk Peace Plan. She claimed that Russia has created a major crisis of black sea peninsula of Crimea to join the territory in 2014. She also criticize Russia’s backing of pro Russia forces in eastern Ukraine.


The Minsk Agreements call for a cease-fire along with a range of measures to end the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. In June the EU extended energy, financial and defense sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine crisis until the end of January next year.


Jeff: Jordan has once again condemned Israel for allowing settlers to visit Al-Aqsa Mosque. Jordan’s minister of Islamic affairs warned that pursuing such a policy can spark religious war in the region. He also denounced Israeli police for arresting and beating worshippers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque which is the third holiest site in the world of Muslims. Jordan’s king Abdullah has also condemned Israeli troops and settlers for their “blatant attempts to change the status quo in Jerusalem al-Kutz”


Caton: Well back to the United States. A curfew has gone into effect in Milwaukee at 10pm in hopes of heading off another day of violent protest in the area. Riots erupted after a black suspect was fatally shot by a black police officer. After days of the citizens of Milwaukee trying to find calm in all the chaos, Milwaukee’s mayor had a message for the protestors… “Do not do further damage to this great neighborhood.”


Jeff: The shooting death on a Saturday of suspect Seville Smith triggered protest that ended with torched out businesses and cars. There were dozens of arrest and police in riot gear quickly found themselves in the path of bottles, flying rocks and even bullets. Police investigators said that the suspect had a weapon with 23 rounds when he ran off after being pulled over by police for having a suspicious vehicle. When asked to drop his weapon police said he refused and was subsequently shot twice, once in the chest and the other in the arm.


Caton: A little farther southeast of Chicago the gun violence epidemic has been getting worse, not better. So far this year, there have been 2,136 shootings. That’s a 48% increase over the same time period last year. The latest victim, Arshell Dennis III, was the son of a police officer. Just last year Dennis spoke about growing up in Chicago. He said, “It’s kind of bad being a youth there, but it teaches you a lot of stuff.”


Jeff: The 19 year old son of a Chicago police officer was shot to death as he sat on the front steps of his mother’s home with a friend. Chicago’s police chief said that, “It’s just sad because here you have a man that was raising his son to be a man, doing what he was supposed to be doing who simply came home to visit his mother and then this happens to him.”


Caton: After followers of Islamic state slashed the throat of a priest at a catholic church, French president Hollande said, France is at war. He also said in a press conference, “We are facing Islamic state which has declared war and we must fight this war using all means. I owe you also this truth,” he continued, “this war will be long.” Both terrorist were killed shortly after running out of the church and details about one the attackers began to quickly emerge.


Jeff: The attacker apparently was on France’s watch list and even wore an electronic surveillance tag. But some say that there’s information that’s very hard to see to determine which threats are real and which are not real and to be honest, Caton, analyst say that we have to expect more of these kind of attacks. Even if they are on these watch lists and wear these kind of electronic monitoring devices. So expect more attacks.


Caton: So watching them is not solving the problem in dealing with these terrorist attacks. As we’ve been reporting, on the increase of terrorist attacks throughout the worlds, take a look at this next video as it shows how these attacks have been on the rise since the war on terror slipped into a new gear…

(Show Video) Source: Global Terrorism Database


Jeff: Well you can see the numbers really increasing and even last year’s aren’t in there yet, but I’m sure it’s going to overshadow those previous years. Well in Turkey a massive forest fire has broken out near NATO’s military base in the Izmir Province. Reports suggest that the base holds US owned nuclear weapons. Not a great combination, fire and weapons.


Caton: No it’s not. Get away. A new report reveals that more than a billion dollars’ worth of weapons have been flowing from Europe to Middle Eastern countries that are known to ship arms to Syria. The Balkan investigative reporting network and the organized crime and reporting project, did the investigation that uncovered these latest findings. Since the start of the Syrian conflict it has revealed that more than a billion dollars’ worth of weapons have been exported to Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates and also Turkey.


Jeff: Now the report examined arms export data, UN reports, lane tracking and weapons contracts.


Caton: Well notions of suspicion coming from Turkey regarding the coup and some suspicion as to who was actually behind this latest coup that took place in Turkey recently as we brought it to you here on YPN News. Let’s turn it over to our correspondent Larry McGee. Larry what do you have for us?


Caton: For more details on issues related to ISIS, Larry McGee has our coverage on the latest airstrikes by the US and France, and notions of suspicion coming from Turkey regarding its coup. Larry…


Larry: Recent air assaults by France and the US are reported to have consumed the lives of more than a hundred civilians, according a letter recently dispatched to the UN from the Syrian Foreign Ministry. The document stated that: “…the French unjust aggression claimed the lives of more than 120 civilians, most of them children, women and the elderly. The fate of scores of other civilians still under debris,” it said, “is unknown…”


It was also cited that the French strikes targeted the exact same area that was struck by the US just days prior. And in that attack 26 civilians were reportedly killed. Damascus is said to have sent a total of two letters in total, condemning the actions carried out by French and US warplanes, as bloody massacres, which rained their missiles and bombs on civilians instead of terrorist.


Global watchdog Amnesty International is reported to have investigated dozens of confederate/coalition airstrikes, and discovered that in most instances, where non-combatant deaths were credibly reported, the allies disregarded those claims.    


The US’s response, communicated by Special Presidential Envoy, Brett McGurk, was that, “I think some things could be particularly exaggerated or inflated, but I just- I don’t have any knowledge firsthand to discuss what may have happened or didn’t happen,” he said “DOD (or the Department of Defense) is having a look at this right now,” he said, “and I just have nothing else to say about it.”


Analyst however, are reluctant to believe that the US would not be aware of its own airstrikes, and what the objectives were. That Western forces have little value for Human life is actually not a new claim. The West has come under fire previously, for what is being called its ‘cold calculations’ that regard the termination of scores of civilian lives as an acceptable means to a military end. Far from being a matter of controversy, the State Department has actually acknowledged a formula for determining the maximum number of allowable civilian deaths     when executing air assaults on important targets. Analyst are quick to point out the moral contrast between that sort of an approach, and the barrage of heavy handed criticism leveled at Russia for the civilian casualties attributed to its strikes.


The ancient Mesopotamian nation of Turkey is struck by what it believes to be betrayal on behalf of the US, related to the recent failed coup attempt in that country. A Turkish prosecutor has alleged that both the CIA and FBI were involved in training the insurrectionists, who were allegedly followers of Futulah Gulen, who is believed to have master minded the coup. According to the statement released by the Chief Prosecutors Office: “…the CIA and FBI provided training to the plotters who attended centers linked to the Gulen Movement. The [failed coup] attempt aimed to weaken the state by getting rid of the government,” the statement said, and it went on to say that, “Those in the Gulen Movement who work in the judicial and security institutions and who received training, tried to put this task into action”.


Following the failed attempt thousands of suspected conspirators have been arrested- America has been suspiciously critical, and the Turkish government says the US should be ashamed for its responses. Turkish citizens are now burning American flags in protest to the US’ presence there. There is currently 2000 American soldiers stationed in the nation, but more importantly, there is reported to be dozens of US nukes housed there.


Though Turkey has long been regarded as a US ally, tensions have been mounting between the two nations, and the intrigue involved in the recent coup attempt, has added yet another heavy layer of complexity to that relationship. The US has 50 of its nuclear warheads housed in the Euphrates nation at the Incirlik Air Base. And this amid claims by analyst that there is a clear risk of the relationship between the two nations reaching a crisis. Reports are that the Head of Turkey in now attempting to distance himself from the US, and aware of how strategically dependent America is on the bases at Incirlik. He is using that as leverage to rally his followers and justify destroying his opposition. For YPN News, I’m Larry McGee. Caton and Jeff, back to you.


Jeff: Well if those reports are proven and its found out that the US was behind that coup, it’s definitely not going to improve any relations between the United States and Turkey.

In an exclusive interview with Press TV, Khalid al-Obeidi, the Iraqi Defense Minister, stressed Iranian support of Iraqi troops would continue as they fight to liberate the city of Mosul from Daesh terrorists.



Caton: The Defense Minister told Press TV, For sure Iranian assistance is going to continue. There is military coordination and cooperation with Iran. He continued saying the Iranians played quote, an honorable role in Iraq. Al-Obeidi added Iranian Advisors are currently present in Iraq with permission of the government. He said the support from Irans Defense Ministry has been ongoing and at very critical times.



Jeff: Turkey however is not a welcome ally to the country, as the Defense Minister made clear saying, The presence of Turkish troops in Bashir, obstructs the observations to liberate Ninawa. This is a fact. And when Mr. Prime Minister (referring to Iraq) had warned of a war, greater than the war on Daesh He was basing his statement on information he had. If Turkish troops intervene then the city of Mosul and province of Ninawa will have become an arena for region conflicts and this is what we predict. Therefore, I second Mr. Premiers opinion. So theyre actually saying theres a war coming thats greater than whats being fought right now.



Caton: While Iraqi officials have requested Turkey pull out of the region, it so far has not withdrawn its troops from the countrys north. Ankara, had deployed troops to the region last December, claiming their reason is to help train Iraqis to fight against Daesh. But Iraqs capitol, Baghdad says this is a violation of national sovereignty.



Jeff: Well its been nicknamed the football, but the capabilities inside this rather large carry-on, if unleashed would be devastating. No matter where the President goes, a military aid is within a few feet handling the legendary bag. Whats inside? The ability to launch nuclear weapons of mass destruction and more.  According to the Arms Control Association, the US currently has 1,481 nuclear warheads deployed on ballistic missiles and aircraft bases. The weapons are far more destructive than the ones used against Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  In fact, some up to 20xs more powerful.



Caton: The football is carried by five military aids, one from each branch of the armed forces, who work in a rotation. One such aid was Marine Major Pete Metzger. He carried the nuclear football for President Reagan for three years. Metzger related the experience to CNN saying, I wouldnt say I was on edge, but I was very, very focused on what I was gonna do. I mean the time is so short between alert and execution. He said,  You have to be ready any time for any move. And thats why one of us was always in very close proximity to the President.



Jeff: A second football is also carried by another aide for the Vice President if something were to take place causing the Commander in Chief to become incapacitated. Metzger wouldnt discuss the contents of the brief case, except that there was communication equipment inside.



Caton: A former Director of the White House Military Office, Bill Duley, however described in his book, that there are four crucial components inside the bag. The four components are as follows: 

1) A black book listing strike options for retaliation if the US is attacked with nuclear weapons. 2) Another book listing bunker locations where the President can be taken in an emergency,

3) A manila folder listing procedures for the emergency broadcast systems.

4) A small card with authentication codes to verify its the President ordering a nuclear launch.



Jeff: To be given the responsibility of carrying the football, aides have to undergo rigorous background checks including extensive psychiatric screening by the military, secret service and FBI. Pete Metzger reflected on the power at the Presidents fingertips and the mindset he had when doing his job, saying, The result of a decision the President would make is so grotesquely horrible, so grotesquely horrible, it would change the face of the earth, it would change humanity, it would change mankind.



Caton: Metzger continued, And I guess when youre on duty you try not to think about the import of that, but youre fully prepared to do so if you have to.


Jeff: Kilifi County in Kenya is experiencing an extreme food shortage due to a prolonged drought. The drought has caused crop failure across the central Coastal region. The state is appealing for food aid for the area, however the situation is being described as disastrous. Schools are even contemplating closure. While the entire Kilifi County is affected the Ganze and Magarini areas are bearing the greatest brunt of the food shortage.


Caton: Pictures of children scrambling for leftover seeds from wild fruits, show the pangs of hunger these people are experiencing. Children are forced to suspend schooling in order to take up the full time job of looking for wild fruits in the treacherous wilderness. Adults too are combing through harsh thickets in search of food, but even the fruits are now fizzling out.



Jeff: Children and women often suffer the worst in these situations, but everyone in the region is feeling the impact. Around 300,000 people are now facing a possible food crisis after prolonged drought and crop failure. So you see that drought that weve talked about and reported for quite a few, actually for years now, is still going on in certain parts and its really affecting a lot of people.



Caton: People starting to feel the pinch of a lack of rain, lack of water.

Well a first for NASAs Hubble telescope. Pictures of two galaxies colliding 230 million light years away from earth in the constellation of Hercules. The extraordinary images were captured by the wide field planetary camera 2 aboard the ESA Hubble telescope. 



Jeff: At first glance, scientists thought it to be an abnormal shaped galaxy. But upon further study they believe they are witnessing the live merging of two galaxies. It occurs when gravitational pull attracts the galaxies closer and closer until they collide with each other. The process will give birth to a new child galaxy.



Caton: Once formed the new galaxy will not resemble either of the two parent galaxies. It will have its own unique features, size and shape. NASA reports the major galaxy is named NGC6052.



Jeff: In closing, and a look closer to home, we would like to show you something captured by the international space station as it looked towards earth.  Now the object has yet to be identified, but its golden color and square shape have many wondering what is hovering above the earth? Take a look for yourself.



Jeff: Very interesting. Well have to watch that and see what they come up with. Galaxies being born 230 million light years away and objects hovering above the earth coming from who knows where; makes you realize just how small earth is compared to our ever expanding universe. Ever wonder why all this was created and what it has to do with you? Contact the House Of Yahweh today and request your free copy of the PW magazine and monthly newsletter and see for yourself why Mankind was created and how the universe ties in to their next assignment.


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Jeff: Well up next is the one who can give you the answers to your questions, Yisrayl Hawkins, and the best thing is you dont have to travel light years get it.    From all of us here at YPN News, Im Jeff Heimerman and Im Caton Alexander. Thanks for watching.


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