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Jeff: Welcome YPN News. Bringing you the news as it relates to Bible Prophecy and foretold by Yisrayl Hawkins. In the news this week Japan and Russia seem to be strengthening ties, also North Korea is continuing to test and improve their nuclear program, and well have our continuing coverage of the ongoing wars and just who exactly is suffering the most.  All of these stories and more but first lets look at a few problems right here in the United States.



Jeff: Theyre breaking records this year all over the country and now another one. But this milestone is not one to be envious of Caton. The city of Chicago had its 500th homicide this Labor Day Weekend, and is on track for the deadliest year in over a decade.  The windy city however, is not alone but part of a nation-wide rise in murders.



Caton: Just to get an idea of how violent this year has been for Chicago alone, lets go back to 2015. For the entire year the city had recorded 480 homicides. So they are seeing a dramatic increase this year. Despite these extremely high numbers, Chicago still doesnt rank as the murder capital of the country if we look at homicides per capita. St Louis, New Orleans and Detroit all rank higher per 100,000 people than Chicago.



Jeff: But there are many more cities wrestling with record breaking violent months this year. Cities like Baltimore, Newark and Milwaukee, are all experiencing consistently climbing murder rates. Yet mainstream media as well as political discussions Caton, are failing to include these shocking statistics in their talks.



Caton: Yes, we dont hear very much about those other cities. Shifting our view to the Great Plains now, where a standoff is taking place. A massive demonstration of 200 Native American tribes have gathered to fight the construction of an oil pipeline. At times the clashes near Cannonball, North Dakota have been rowdy and physical. Some demonstrators have been pepper sprayed, while others have damaged construction equipment used for working on the pipeline project. North Dakotas Governor has called in the National Guard to put an end to it.



Jeff: There are an estimated 5,000 Native Americans and environmentalists encamped on private and Federal land. They say the pipeline was approved by the US Army Corp of Engineers, however proper permits were neglected to be acquired nor were the tribes affected consulted in the route that this pipeline has chosen to take.



Caton: The lands are well known for their historical and cultural significance to the Lakota tribes. There are claims that the pipeline project has disturbed a sacred burial site and plans for it to run under the Missouri River, about a mile north of the Standing Rock Reservation. There are fears, by the tribes, that the pipeline could leak causing contamination which could destroy the tribes water supply.



Jeff:  In a statement to CBS News a coalition supporting the project said it “…will be among the safest, most technologically advanced pipelines ever constructed…” However, the demonstrators in North Dakota dont believe what they hear. Green Party Presidential Candidate, Jill Stein also took part in protests on September 6th. The activist known for taking part in demonstrations spray painted on construction equipment the words, I approve this message.



Caton: Energy Transfer Partners, the company building the $3.7 billion project, says the pipeline is already 50% finished. The entire length of the pipeline will stretch 1,100 miles across four states, beginning in the oil rich Bakken Fields of North Dakota and ending in Patoka, Illinois.



Jeff: Moving now to the UK, where child refugees are in serious danger. Immigration Authorities there have released some alarming figures showing 360 of the child migrants have vanished and of those 200 have been missing for over 2 years.



Caton: Thats amazing. Many, including members of the parliament, consider their government as a failure to the youths. While the details about these particular children are unknown, disappearances take place for many different reasons. The children often become victims of human traffickers, some may run away due to trauma or distress and also mistrust of authorities. And thousands have been deported back to their war torn countries, so deportation adds to their fears as well.



Jeff: In the UK as well as other countries these innocent children, seeking a safe place to exist are subject to human trafficking, sexual abuse and neglect. While its easy to see the problem, no solutions are being implemented at this time to save these children, so Caton we can expect to hear more about these same problems in the future.



Caton: The earth continues to shake in place after place. We had recently reported on a major earthquake in Italy, but this next report brings us much closer to home. A 5.6 magnitude earthquake rattled central Oklahoma Saturday, September 3rd. The powerful quakes epicenter was near the city of Pawnee and tied a state record as it was felt across 7 states.



Jeff: The quake jarred historic buildings in the area causing bricks and debris to be strewn across sidewalks and yards. It also renewed ongoing concerns over the disposal of waste water from oil and gas production. The process has been linked to the recent outbreak of quakes in Oklahoma.



Caton: In 2015, Oklahoma experienced, on average, 2 ½ earthquakes each day with a magnitude of 3.0 or higher. For the entire year a total of 907 earthquakes of that magnitude actually shook the state, compared to just two in 2008.



Jeff: Definitely can make a connection there. The oil and gas production process known as Hydraulic Fracturing or Fracking produces waste water. The disposal of waste water has now been linked to the increase in earthquakes prompting the State of Oklahoma to initiate the fastest and largest shut down of waste water wells in history. 37 are scheduled to be closed.



Caton: Seismologist Susan Hough of the National Geological Survey, told CBS News, If we stop all the activity tomorrow its not like the earthquakes would stop tomorrow.  The earthquakes caused by waste water injection wells are generally not as severe as natural ones, but some worry that this could change if States where fracking is rapidly increasing, dont take note.



Jeff: Susan Hough is in hopes that the regulatory steps will help lower the overall rate of these quakes but has also expressed concern stating, Theres the potential for more earthquakes, theres the potential for bigger earthquakes than what weve seen.


Caton: Things are also being shaken up overseas, Larry McGee has our report today on the latest that’s taking place in and around the great River Euphrates. Larry what do you have for us?


Larry: Iran is lending its voice to the on-going turmoil which has beset Damascus, stating that Turkey should respect the sovereignty of the ancient Persian nation. In a recent press conference the Iranian Foreign Minister also called for all nations to avoid adopting a double standard with respect to Syria, citing Turkey’s support for certain militia groups inside the country. Ankara is reported to have dispatched soldiers and tanks into Syria in a bid to expel ISIS mercenaries from the town of Jarabulus, but ultimately they ended up turning their weapons on US backed Kurdish fighters, who were in the same area- supposedly fighting the same enemy. Ankara’s actions are starting to appear to some as a land grab, with the Turkish backed Free Syrian Army claiming to have taken control of a stretch of land extending from Jarabulus to Azaz…


Confusion is the order of the day as alliances overlap and shift among the heads of the nations. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is looking to ignite a new era of relations between Japan and Russia. In a speech delivered at a forum in the Russian city of Vladivostok, where the Japanese head called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to end the abnormal situation between the two countries, which has lasted for 70 years. Mr. Abe also suggested that the two nations arrange an annual meeting at which to settle any differences.

The Russian response was that Moscow is ready to take decisive steps to resolve its territorial dispute with Tokyo over the Kuril Islands. Tension between the two nations dates back to the latter part of WWII, where Moscow is recorded to have seized the islands. The annexation is said to have displaced 17,000 Japanese, in their place now are many Russians and Ukrainians, so turning the islands back over today would not be an easy task. The southern islands however are said to be a different proposition, and according to reports, Japan would very much like to repossess those islands if possible. Japan’s ace in the hole is that it has cash, and Russia is very much in need of it, due to the downturn in oil sales it has been experiencing, related to the Saudi’s increasing their production with the specific intent of damaging Russian sales. Russia has been on the outs in terms of buying and selling in the global economy. Due to its activities in Ukraine, Moscow is believed to be striving to offset that with various economic agreements with the Japanese nation as well…


The storm over Asia is growing more intense, after North Korea confirmed its 5th nuclear test fire this week. Poyang Yang says the test was meant to address US bullying, and it broadcast that North Korea is now capable of mounting nuclear warheads on ballistic missiles. The ‘show 

of force’ is said to have triggered a 5.3 earthquake, which is actually the largest out of the four past quakes associated with the North Korean test fires. Poyang yang says it will not dismantle its nuclear program due to the on-going hostility it receives from South Korea and the US- who has recently announced the deployment of an American missile defense system on the peninsula. The head of South Korea is referring to the test as an act of self-destruction that will only serve to further isolate its northern neighbor. Japan is reportedly calling the move absolutely unacceptable, and it intends to launch an official protest against the activities of the North Korean nation, whose nuclear weapons program, global analyst are calling “accelerated”…

 For YPN News I’m Larry McGee…Caton, Jeff back to you.


Jeff: Well North Korea certainly getting the attention of a lot of other nations with these tests. Well the United States government has offered Saudi Arabia 115 billion dollars in military arms and training. That latest information provided by the center for international policy, a US based think tank. This recent arms offer is the largest ever made during the 71 year long US Saudi alliance. The weaponry includes tanks, helicopters, air to ground missiles, missile defense ships and war ships.


Caton: Some rights groups said that certain US congressmen have condemned the sale of armaments to Saudi Arabia, especially after a spike in the number of casualties in Yemen.


Jeff: Nearly 50 million children worldwide who have been forcibly displaced from their homes, this according to a united nations children’s agency, UNICEF. More than half of those 50 million have been displaced because of violence and conflicts. UNICEF warns that many of the children leaving their homes are vulnerable to abuse and called for a collective effort to bring an end to the plight of children in danger, particularly those who have taken refuge.


Caton: Children in Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan are being forced to go through difficult times for which they have nothing to do with. Conflicts and violence have put millions of children in danger. Those “lucky” enough to escape death have faced displacement. Justin Forsyth said that of the 50 million children, 28 million have fled conflict and violence. That’s a near doubling in the last decade of children that are actually displaced.


Jeff: Wow. Scott Bennet, former US army psychological warfare officer, told Press TV that, “with the result of the forced migration, you’re going to have children without parents.” They going to be angry, increasingly violent, prone to criminality, kidnapped, thrown into sex slavery and rampant gang activity that is inevitably the result of young men who don’t have a family. UNICEF said that children make up a third of the world’s population.


Caton: Of all the refugees in 2015, about 45% came from Syria and Afghanistan. Two of the countries struggling with year of conflicts that stem from destabilizing policies from the United States and its allies. Mr. Bennet said that, “the United States and its allies should immediately halt all warmongering and reorganize their alliances to not include Saudi Arabia.”


Jeff: He continued, “Saudi Arabia is the cancer that keeps metastasizing and it does it with a violent Wahhabism Jihadism that has this global conquest agenda.”


Caton: Suicides by US veterans occur in average of 20 times a day. One veteran, Frank Lesnefsky, after two tours in Iraq and trying to drink himself past the demons that darkened his mind, and after a second member of his old platoon committed suicide, finally got help. With his therapist, he can finally talk about his PTSD (or Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) instead of being haunted by it. 


Jeff: Lesnefsky said in an interview with CBS news, “I was immobilized, it’s like being frozen just watching time pass. It’s crazy.” Staff Sergeant Lesnefsky hit his own bottom and contemplated taking his own life. He said, as he tried to hold back tears, “I had a great person tell me once, their killing us over there and their still killing us over here. And that guy told me don’t let it happen. Don’t give them that satisfaction…”


Caton: He continued, “…I used to be jokey, I used to be goofy, I was Frank from north Scranton and I know I won’t be that again.” Jenny Pacanoswski, an army combat medic, described the battle she fought once she got back home. She said, “For a long time after I got back, I isolated myself in a cabin and drank all the time. Then at one point I decided I was going to try to do everything possible to feel better. But if nothing worked, I was going to kill myself.” She concluded, “god, this is harder to talk about than bombs.”


Caton: Wars, whether amongst nations or within one’s own mind bring long term suffering to those directly and indirectly involved. Suffering is inevitable for this world in its current state without someone, with some plan to turn it all around. Yisrayl Hawkins is unfolding the details for this plan to stop all wars and suffering and it’s called The Peaceful Solution. To find out more about this plan and the great teacher and work that’s bringing it to life, contact the HOY…..

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Caton: Well don’t go anywhere, up next the only man with the true plan, Yisrayl Hawkins.

From all of us here at YPN News I’m Caton Alexander…


Jeffrey: And I’m Jeffrey Heimerman


Caton: Thank you for watching.



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