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Caton: Welcome to another edition of YPN News. Bringing you news as it relates to Bible Prophecy and foretold by Yisrayl Hawkins. Zika, exploding phones, pre-teen suicides and the cost of war….. What do all these have in common, they are all a sign of the times we’re in with technology increasing, diseases and wars increasing all in this generation.


Caton: But of course we’re going to start off our broadcast today with the ongoing spread of the ZIKA virus. Singapore is the latest to experience the virus with its health ministry reporting the total cases now stand at 215 with 26 more cases of infections being identified. The World Health Oragnization is voicing concern over the quick spread of the virus which has also prompted a global health emergency.


Jeff: Malaysian health ministry has confirmed its first case of the virus. The disease was first detected in Brazil in 2015 and has since been detected in many other countries.


Caton: Here in the US congress is battling over spending to combat the ZIKA virus. In fact Florida congressman David Jolly held up a canister of mosquitoes. They weren’t carrying the ZIKA virus, but he said they could be. Meanwhile in Miami Beach, Florida, mosquito spraying was put off a few days due to public protest.


Jeff: Residents testified to local authorities how they have been affected physically from the spraying of the insecticide Nalid. One woman said that her tongue was so numb and shaky that she was about ready to go to the emergency room. Carlos Jimenez, the Miami Dade mayor told residents that he was assured by public health experts that the amount of Nalid used in aerial spraying was harmless and has proven effective in reducing mosquitoes.


Mayor Jimenez said, “We cannot just pick and choose where to spray. There is a science to this.” Dr. Christine Curry an OB/GYN who’s delivered a baby with microcephaly addressed the protesting crowd. She told the crowd, “ZIKA is real and we don’t understand it fully.”


Now for more on the bees that were killed by the spraying for mosquitoes, we now turn it over to our field correspondent who’s on assignment in south Carolina, Rebecca Matthews for an informative interview with the apiary that suffered the loss of millions of bees. Rebecca, where exactly are you right now?


Rebekah Mathews: We’re here at Flower Town Bee Farm and Supply, where recently within the last week they were just Ariel sprayed by the county for the ZIKA virus and we’re about to go in and see what took place.


Juanita Stanley: At this time the county says that they do not have anymore ariel spraying for Dorchester County and that is very good, because without the bees, humans wouldn’t exist more than four years.


Rebekah: That is an astounding statement. Is that because of the importance that bees have with the pollination, leading to the food supply?


Juanita: That’s exactly what it is. Without bees we wouldn’t have food to eat.


Rebekah: So you truly have one of the most important job in the entire world?


Juanita: Yes, I have to be a voice for the honey bees because humans have to protect them instead of destroy them. We have to make good choices on how to protect our honeybees.


Rebekah: Absolutely. So if you see these sprayings continue on, where do you see our honeybees in the future?


Juanita: Well honestly with the pictures I’ve shown the public. They won’t survive, they can’t survive these chemical sprays.


Rebekah: So to our audience whose watching right now and if they are sitting there thinking “What can I do to help?” What would you tell them?


Juanita: I would say, educate yourself about honeybees. Get informed. Find out what’s going on in your county. If you’ve got honeybees, get in touch with your city and your county and get on a call list. Get registered so that even if you have only one hive of bees their so valuable, just protect them and let everybody know, “Hey I’ve got bees over here. Let’s work together as a team to protect these little honeybees.”


Rebekah: Juanita we really appreciate you being with us here today. And we are going to speak up and do everything we can to help save the bees.


Juanita: And as being a voice for the bees the media is my biggest outlet. That’s the most important thing to me out of this whole situation. Let’s do what we have to do and work together and protect the honeybees.


Rebekah: I’m Rebekah Mathews live here in Summerville, South Carolina with YPN News. Back to you.


Caton: I don’t think a lot of people realize how important the bees are in the pollination process and all the foods that we eat. Hopefully we can get a handle on this and protect that bee population for our sakes.


Caton: We’ll now take a look at the report that we brought you previously on veteran suicides, the increase and the struggle that many suffer with after returning from active duty…


YPN Video on suicide in the military


Jeff: (commenting on video) Caton another consequence of war. Well, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones have been catching fire. The company said that it’s a manufacturing flaw at the source of the problem. The government is warning most owners to turn their phones off. The lithium ion battery that powers many devices including cell phones and other electronic devices have come under scrutiny.


Caton: The batteries are unique because ions in the batteries travel from the positive side to the negative side separated by an electrolyte layer when charging. The process is reversed during use. Samsung said that the positive and negative side came into contact with each other causing the issue. Walter Van Schalkwijk, who studies electro-chemistry said, “This was a short circuit that would generally be a flaw in the manufacturing process that didn’t get caught during quality control…”


Jeff: The lithium ion battery is popular because it’s lightweight and can store large amounts of energy powering electronics like laptops and hover boards.  Recently there was a jeep that caught fire after the owner left his phone inside his car to charge. Schalkwijk, told CBS news that the failure rates of most lithium ion battery designs are one out of 10 or 20 million.


Caton: So far Samsung has reported 35 cases of the Samsung galaxy 7 catching fire. The company has said for privacy reasons, it will not disclose where those batteries were made.


Jeff: As for the wars overseas themselves, there is talk of trying to quell them. Larry McGee has our story on the peace talks on Syria and several other developments. Larry…


Larry: Major news this week regarding the effort to cease the destruction in and of Damascus, a multi-step agreement was signed this week between Russia and America, following talks between the two nations in Geneva, conducted by Secretary John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. The two announced a collective intention to cease hostilities in Syria on Sept. 12th, as well as an agreement to join forces in bombing certain common enemies in the war torn nation.


Echoing Quartet language, certain stipulations in the agreement are being referred to as a cornerstone of a roadmap to peace in the region, namely that the Syrian government bring a complete halt to its air strikes against opposition forces. Another key component of the deal is said to be the American decision to sacrifice its controversial support of al-Nusra in preservation of other pawns. Supposed U.S ally, and Middle East money men, Saudi Arabia, are attempting to pivot off the move and hire and recruit the powerful group into their own ranks, urging al-Nusra leaders to declare that their objectives are the objectives of the Syrian people.


The lose and shaky alliances between mercenaries groups and their puppeteers is characterized by in-fighting however, creating a chaotic web of greed and disloyalty that makes it difficult to say who is genuinely for who, or how long any supposed alliances may hold together. The Russian and American announcement is once more big news, but analyst have been quick to point out, that there has been other such agreements made by the two powers in the past- but the destruction of Damascus is still ongoing…


The ages of those whose lives are being destroyed by bullying is reaching a heart-breaking low, this week, a 9 year old child committed suicide after having undergone months of torment in school. Jackson Grubbs was found dead in his West Virginia home by his parents, due to injuries that police say appear to have been self-inflicted. Jackson is reported to have fought back against his tormentors, but that was apparently insufficient as a solution, and there were reports of a change in the 3rd grader prior to the tragedy.


Jackson’s grandmother posted a letter from the young man’s sister to social media, which read: “I miss my baby brother. I wish that he was here today. Fly high brother. We miss you so much, and we all love you.” The young lady concluded by asking for bullying to stop now…


Just as much as people’s hearts are sinking from the earth’s activities, the earth itself is also sinking too- recently a massive sinkhole opened up underneath a storage pond in Florida, draining over 200 million gallons of contaminated water into one of the State’s main underground drinking supplies. Mulberry Mosaic plant is the actual location of the incident, authorities say the sinkhole manifested beneath a pile of gypsum, and subsequently contaminated the large body of water. David Jellerson, a former Senior Director of Environmental and Phosphate Projects says however, that groundwater moves very slowly, and absolutely no one is at risk…for YPN News, I’m Larry McGee. Caton, Jeff, back to you.


Caton: I guess well see how long it actually takes them, if they can, to clean up the water supply, since its in an underground aquafer.


Jeff: And whats even worse now Caton. Theyre saying that theres possibility this water was radioactive.


Caton: Well that just adds to their problems. Weve heard a lot about Presidential Candidate Hilary Clintons, emails, but new light is being shed on former Secretary of State Colin Powells as well. The leaked emails reveal information about Israels nuclear program and its primary target Iran. The hacking group DC Leaks, obtained emails Powell had sent to a business partner. In them he admitted that Tel Aviv had 200 nuclear weapons pointed at Iran.


Jeff: He also openly disagreed with the Israeli Prime Ministers comments during his 2012 UN speech in which Benyamin Netanyahu said, speaking of nuclear weapons, “… Iran could produce the nuclear detonator the fuse in a lot less time, maybe under a year, maybe only a few months. Powell remarked in the email this statement was exaggerated.


Caton: Israels policy on its own military program has remained obscure over the years. Experts estimate they may have as many as 400 nuclear weapons, but the actual number is uncertain. An additional email sent by Powell also acknowledged Iran has the right to enrich Uranium. He also approved of the nuclear deal with Iran.



Jeff: We know that more than 400,000 people have died and millions more have lost their lives in the bloody war Syria has been fighting since 2011. This next video however, suggests why the war has not been brought to an end by the major world powers and even its title gives us a clue Caton, its called War on Syria-Making a Killing. Take a look.


Jeff: Well war is definitely big business.


Caton: And ‘making a killing’ they are. North Korea has pushed the button again. On the morning of September 9, 2016, Kim Jong-un and his military officers watched the testing of their 5th nuclear weapon. The North Korean State television celebrated the test as a success. The bomb was the strongest yet, however still smaller than the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima, Japan in World War II. But the North Koreans are advancing their nuclear program at a rapid pace and seeking to fit a compact warhead onto a missile.


Jeff: President Obama, just returning from the G-20 and East Asia Summits called the test provocative and destabilizing. The President also said, The United States condemns North Korea's September 9th, nuclear test in the strongest possible terms as a grave threat to regional security and to international peace and stability. Pointing out that they are only country to have tested nuclear weapons in the 21st century.


Caton: An emergency session of the United Nations Security Council, in New York, was called on Sunday September 11th to address this situation. China, a strong ally to North Korea urged the Council to act carefully in their response to the missile launch. US Ambassador, Samantha Power, told members of the Press, North Korea is seeking to perfect its nuclear weapons and their delivery vehicles, so that it can hold the region and the world hostage, under threat of nuclear strike.


Jeff: Kim Jong-un is also focusing on increasing the countries ballistic missile capacity. The country launched three earlier such missiles during the week while the G20 Summit was underway in China. What is feared by the UN is that with each test North Koreas capabilities become better and better.


Caton: While President Obama promised more sanctions will be imposed on North Korea as a result of its latest nuclear test, Russia is urging the international community to find new ways to respond to Pyongyangs aggression.  In a statement, Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, said, The current situation shows that maybe diplomats should be more creative than just responding with sanctions, sanctions and sanctions again on any aggravation of the situation.


Jeff: He expressed deep concern at such retaliatory actions saying, I am convinced that by condemning those dangerous exploits of the North Korean government we must refrain from steps that could lead to a further escalated tensions and put this region on the verge of, we may say, armed opposition.’” Case in point Caton, Pyongyang has said their latest moves were in response to the hostile policies of Washington and Seoul.


Caton: So were seeing that tit-for-tat taking place among the nations. Foreign Minister also reminded everyone to seek hope in the Six Party Talks, aiming to dismantle the North Korean nuclear program. The talks have been suspended since 2008 however, when North Korea walked out of negotiations. Attempts to restart have been as recent at 2013 without success.


Jeff: As if tensions on the Korean Peninsula werent high enough, South Korea just held an international arms exhibition outside the capitol of Seoul to help boost their arms exports. Among their top priorities, South Korea is focusing on arms deals with the United States and other major weapons traders.


Caton: While the country had been experiencing gains in arms exports in previous years, 2015 saw exports fall below $3.5 billion. More than 200 companies from 35 countries gathered for Defense Expo Korea 2016. With a healthy demand, organizers are hopeful for South Koreas weapon sales.


Jeff: Countries have always tried to show their power through a display of military force.  With globalization the arms race is getting more intense. A spokesperson for Korea Defense Industry Association at the show was indicating the focus for South Korea is their arms exports.


Caton: The United States, South Koreas strong ally remains by-far the leading global arms dealer, with more than 30% of the market share. South Korea has already unveiled plans to expand military cooperation with the US.  Lee Hyo-sub of Korea Aerospace Industries commented, The US Airforce project will be the biggest defense export in South Korean history.


Jeff: He continued, The importance of the US market cannot be stressed enough. If we succeed in winning this project we will obtain key leverage to expand to many other countries in the Middle East and Asia which are waiting for the US decision.


Caton: The global arms trade is huge business now reaching $100 billion a year and growing. So as the weapons business grows new clients are being sought, particularly in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. 


Jeff: To give you an idea Caton of just how much is being spent of war. The US spent $4.79 trillion on wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Syria since 9/11. And this doesnt include money spent on veterans and war loans.


Jeff: Well in 1934 a group of physicists received their patent for the first nuclear bomb. At the same time a child was born. Over the next 82 years both would develop. One for destruction and annihilation of mankind, the other, for the saving of mankind.  All of this has come down to the very days we are living in.  Soon we will see the nuclear bombs destroy and the House of Yahweh, led by Yisrayl Hawkins protected. You have the opportunity to be part of the greatest gathering ever in the Histroy of the mankind.  Contact the HOY today and find out how.  


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For all of us here on YPN New, I’m Jeffrey Heimerman. And I’m Caton Alexander. Thanks for watching.




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