YPN News 1-14-2017


Intro: Pay close attention. What you’re about to see if Bible Prophecy being fulfilled.


Caton: Welcome to another edition of YPN News bringing you news as it relates to Bible Prophecy and foretold by Yisrayl Hawkins. Well we’ve got more extreme weather in the forecast, so-to-speak, war games and warnings of war from one nation to another.


Caton: But we’re gonna first start off with the Sierra Nevada mountain range, a 400 mile range of mountains has received massive amounts of snow that has taken a little edge off the drought, but it hasn’t gotten them out of the woods. And it’s done this without first leaving slippery and impassible roads and fallen trees in its wake. And of course more warm rain is on its way bringing with it the potential of torrential flooding in the area.


Jeff: That flooding has already taken hold in some western states along with high winds and mudslides in California and Nevada. The governor of Nevada has declared a state of emergency and two people have died as a result of flooding. In Reno Nevada, over 1,000 homes have been evacuated as days of rain and snow made its way down the Truckee River. People who were left behind spent their time stacking sandbags to try to protect homes and businesses.


Caton: Throughout the region heavy rains caused some drivers to become stranded. One twelve year old girl was rescued from an overturned car and a cab driver lost his life. Both vehicles ran off the road and became submerged in very frigid waters. Yosemite national park was placed under a mandatory evacuation. Lake Tahoe residence cleared trees off of roadways and filled sandbags to protect against a rising Yuba river.


Jeff: For the first time in history the United States has added a bumble bee to the endangered species list. The rusty patch bumble bee has almost disappeared from the US over the last 20 years. And three other bees could also soon be added to the list. Brigida Santos, an RT correspondent said that according to the US fish and wildlife service, the rusty patch bee population has declined 87% since the late 1990’s. At one time they could be found in 28 states now they can only be found in 13.


Caton: The US fish and wildlife service issued a statement saying, “the species, now balancing precariously on the brink of extinction, has become the first-ever bumble bee in the United States– and the first bee of any kind in the contiguous 48 states – to be declared endangered” Since the bees have been placed on the list of endanger species, resources can be allocated to save the dying population. As a note, these bees are very important because of course they are pollinator bees and they are responsible for pollenating a 1/3rd of the crops.


Jeff: Wildlife service has estimated that they contribute 3 billion dollars-worth of pollination services in the US alone. Scientist speculate overuse of pesticides and climate change a cause of the decline. The other three species of bee considered to be added to the list is the Franklin bumble bee which may already be extinct, along with the Western and Yellow Bandit bumble bees. So three more that they might consider adding.


Caton: It’s kind of scary to think about. The fact that those insects are responsible for pollinating the foods we depend on are actually decreasing in numbers. Which means food could possible decrease as well. Corn and corn bi-products are consumed by hundreds of millions of people on a daily basis. GMO corn has become increasingly more common and GMO companies say is equivalent in safety to non-GMO corn. But a new study published in Nature magazine by Dr. Michael Antoniou has proven that to be false. Round-up ready corn NK603, a Monsanto product that’s considered Glyphosate resistant or tolerant. Tests revealed it was safe to consume and be served around the country. Those tests were performed by Monsanto.


Jeff: Well the new study finds that the test was ambiguous and not accurate. Dr. Antoniou studied NK603 crops and non-GMO crops for two seasons. One batch of crops was treated with Glyphosate and the other was not. This was done to study genetic modification instead of the applied herbicide. Researchers found that GMO corn had large amounts of toxic substances in them which could escalate allergic reactions in those who have food allergies.


Caton: Experts say that in order to get the long-term effects of what GMO corn is doing to us more independent studies need to be done. Now Round-up Ready corn is a type of corn that’s engineered by Monsanto to resist massive amounts of the Round-up herbicide which makes round up the number one chemical that we’re being exposed to. Everything from cotton, corn, alfalfa, sugar beets, all of the top crops have been modified to have this herbicide resistant trait.


Jeff: In fact food isn’t the only thing to worry about, even our drinking water has Round-up in it. In fact rats fed Round-up Ready foods with 400,000 times less the amount what’s allowable by regulators in our food. Caton, this tiny amount that the rats are fed is equivalent to what we’d get in our foods every day. They got this fatty liver disease which correlates with liver and heart disease and diabetes. Basically the chronic diet related diseases that Americans have been plagued with for many years.


Caton: That’s been on the rise as well. In fact those studies were done by Monsanto themselves and regulators could have stepped in at that time but nothing was done, according to Alexis Baden-Mayer a political director for the Organic Consumers Association. One of the reasons that she said studies are hard to come by on these GMO crops is because Monsanto holds the patents, first off to these crops and of course Jeff Monsanto is one of the largest funders of our university system here in the United States.


Jeff: It’s hard to think that it’s not biased when you’re the ones behind all the studies and giving all the money.


Caton: Well a lot of people are asking questions now.


Jeff: As a note in case you’re wondering, corn is in virtually everything we eat from multi-ingredient foods to meats. So in order to ensure some level of safety for you and your family you have to look for non-GMO project verified or organic foods.

Caton: Well, the incoming President is also proposing to modify  along the US border, our Chief Correspondent Larry McGee has been following that story as well as several others for us. Larry, what do have?



Larry: Tensions haven’t eased been President elect Donald Trump and President Nieto of Mexico, concerning the proposal that the Mexican government should fund the construction of a wall along the US-Mexican border. The Mexican Head has stated, that Mexico will not pay the estimated $25 billion in construction costs, and has countered, that the US should improve on efforts to prevent illegal gun trafficking into Mexico…


Not just guns, but soldiers and hundreds of military vehicles are arriving in Poland for mass NATO war games. The gathering is a part of Operation Atlantic Resolve, and is being called: the largest in Europe in decades. US Army General Christopher Norrie says: “[they] have an incredibly lethal large army brigade combat team. [And their] purpose…is to add to an already incredibly strong deterrent capability in Eastern Europe”. The exercises also included more than

several nations that are also said to be surrounding Russia along its western border, including Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, and Estonia. The operation was reportedly announced by the US in response to concerns voiced by the Baltic States regarding Russian aggression, but some European nations see the move as dangerously provocative, and are reportedly angered by the maneuvers that are slated to be conducted for nine months along the Russia border.


With the largest deployment since WWII, Cold War mindsets, and nuclear weapons all being a part of the equation, many European citizens are understandably alarmed, with the result that protests have ignited across the continent. Reiner Braun of Germany’s Peace Movement says, the issue is that the people of Europe would rather have peaceful relations with Russia, in a “climate of cooperation, trade, exchange of opinion, and common activities.” What they don’t want, he says, is war; and the circumstances that they believe have come, as a result of NATO being aggressively redirected towards Russia over the last twenty years. On the question of Russian aggression itself, Braun says: “…the Crimea issue, and the Ukraine issue, has responsibilities on many sides. It’s impossible, he stated, to accuse one side”. What is needed, he believes, is cooperation on both sides, and he maintains that NATO’s response has nothing to do with a peaceful solution in Europe. His call is for disarmament, reduction of military troops on the Russian-NATO border, a decrease in nuclear weapons, and an abandonment of mass military structures on both sides. He sees the matter potentially escalating into a World War that could ultimately include nuclear weapons. The Representative, who was issuing comments after having attended UN hearings in New York, stated with some considerable anxiety, that what he found unpleasant, is that from what he was able to gather from the hearings, it is pretty much obvious that the same politics will continue under the incoming President…


Reiner isn’t the only one upset with the UN and vain politics, the new UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has been vocal as of late, concerning what he perceives as a failure on behalf of the United Nation to prevent wars and conflicts across the globe. The UN Head stated that the United Nations was established to 

Prevent war, by binding [nations] in a rules based international order. Today, he says, that order is under grave stress. The causes of crises, he stated, are interlinked; and the UN’s response has remained fragmented. All of this was contributed during Mr. Gutierrez’ first address to the UN Security Council since taking office this month. The leader believes the governing body is in need of an overhaul in regards to its approach to preventing wars, and has pledged to the UN’s ability to mediate to conflicts- with the ultimate goal of preventing them as opposed to merely responding to them. The urging comes at a time when the Security Council is dead locked over several major crises in nations such as Syria, Burundi, and South Sudan; the former Refugee Chief believes the organization has lost too many opportunities to prevent conflicts, due to mistrust among states…For YPN News, I’m Larry McGee, Caton, Jeff, back to you.

Caton: Well regard to that wall Jeff, it’s interesting because the Mexican President is saying, ‘no way. We’re not paying for a wall.’ Of course, the incoming President-elect Trump is saying we’re going to have you foot the bill. So I guess we’ll see how things take place in the next coming months.


Jeff: Well earlier this week RT asked author and activist David Swanson why the claims of alleged Russian hacking got so much attention in the mainstream media despite the lack of concrete proof or any evidence at all. Mr. Swanson responded, I think the desire for an explanation for how Trump became President that doesnt blame the Democratic Party or the establishment as a whole. I think the fear and the demonization of a foreign target, in this case Vladimir Putin, as Xenophobia. And of course, xenophobia Caton, is that fear or hatred for strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign. So their trying to demonize, their words, Russia and Vladimir Putin.


Caton: Swanson also commented on the recent US moves including the troop buildup near Russia and the potential for war. He said, Clearly combined with the shipment of troops and tanks to Poland and other countries on the border of Russia and the missile base in Romania and under construction in Poland. I think its all part of a package aimed almost openly at profits for weapons profiteers. This is what its about. Some of these people are willing, he said, to risk nuclear war.


Jeff: Now that’s a scary thought. Russia is not the only country that the United States has managed to irritate lately. China has also expressed its frustrations with recent comments made by Secretary of State Nominee, Rex Tillerson over the Chinese manmade islands in the South China Sea.  Now at his confirmation hearing, Tillerson said, “Were going to have to send China a clear signal that first the island building stops and second your access to those islands is also not going to be allowed.


Caton: Sounds almost like fighting words there. Well China has fired back as a government run Chinese newspaper is now warning of a possible war with the US over the man-made islands. The Chinese Newspaper (Global Times) said quote, “…unless Washington plans to wage a large scale war in the South China Sea…” then trying to block Chinas access to the islands would be quote, foolish. This is what the Chinese are saying. The article continued saying, Tillerson had better bone up on nuclear power strategies if he wants to force a big nuclear power to withdraw from its own territories.


Jeff: How could the US deny China access to those islands? Gregory Poling, with the center of strategic and international studies explained to CNN that the US would have to start with a naval blockade.  But that wouldnt be all as China has air capabilities as well.  With four different air strips and enough hanger space for a full line of fighter aircraft they would have to consider Chinas Airforce. This is out there on those man-made islands. Theyre pretty built up right now.


Caton: We reported on that not too long ago. However thats not all.  Satellite imagery shows these islands are equipped with advanced air defense and anti-missile systems as well as anti-aircraft guns. Since these statements from China were made Pentagon officials have been calling on China to reduce tensions.  Analysts are also worried about escalation with the biggest fear being an accidental conflict.


Jeff: With all the world powers being under such tense relations these days, there are many people in Europe worried and even fearful that we are facing World War III. But what is the cause for all the tension? One former US State Department official, Mathew Hoh told RT in an interview the answer is American Politics.


Caton: Mr. Hoh resigned from his post at the State Department in protest over U.S. strategic policy and goals in Afghanistan in September of 2009. He is currently a Senior Fellow at the Center for International Policy and promotes Veterans for Peace an international group whose mission is to build a culture of peace through awareness and education. The group informs the public of the true causes of war and the enormous costs of wars.


Jeff: When asked why World War III seems to be looming on the horizon Hoh quickly stated, The desire for politicians in the United States to have this enemy Russia again. And this comes from a variety of factors. This comes from our excessive military budget. We spend more on the United States military than the next ten countries in the world combined. We have troops in about 130 countries around the world. We have 800 bases overseas.


Caton: Hoh pointed out that making this enemy out of Russia is just another way of breeding fear in society and making them feel there is a need for a strong military presence overseas. But as RT news anchor, Kevin Owen pointed out, you can (only) poke the dog so often and its going to snap back at some point.


Jeff: Hoh explained the focus of the United States government isnt on the ultimate end result of an all-out war, he said its about, “…keep the status quo going. Keep the Empire alight. Youve got to justify these $600-700 billion a year defense budgets in the United States. You gotta have the Democrats looking as tough as Republicans on foreign policy.


Caton: And He continued, Youve gotta distract the American people from all the problems we have here at home in the United States. And so time and again, go through the history of the worldThe best way for a government to keep its people focused on something rather than their own problems is to create an enemy abroad.(next article)


Jeff: Well no doubt, Benyamin Netanyahu doesnt have to go very far to find his enemies. The Israeli Prime Minister recently condemned the Peace Conference to be held on January 15th in Paris. Netanyahu told the press, There are other such efforts that render peace hopeless and one of them is the Paris Conference. Its a rigged conference. Rigged by the Palestinians with French auspices to adopt additional anti-Israel stances.


Caton: According to Reuters, The objective of the conference is to re-affirm the international community’s collective commitment to a two-state settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Netanyahu was adamant the conference would only make things worse saying, This pushes peace backwards, its not going to obligate us. Its a relic of the past. Its last gasp of the past before the future sets in.


Jeff: Our final report takes us to the confirmation hearing for James Mattis. Last week he testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee to become the new Defense Secretary under President-elect Donald Trump. In this clip from the hearing, the Chairman, Senator John McCain questioned Mattis to see what his position was concerning the current relationships with President Putin, Russia as a whole, and the Chinese government. Lets watch.

Link to video AP archives website



Title: US Mattis 2 (CR)

Mattis: US Under Biggest Threat since WWII

Story No.: apus070001

Date:   2017-01-12 Time: 15:52:09Z

Full:     00:00:00 – 00:01:46


Jeff: I guess they definitely want someone in there thats going to be along their line of thinking.

Well, certain leaders of this world have been pushing this new world order for quite some time. What they fail to see is that in a nuclear warthere are no winners.  The Nations are angry and on the brink of war.  One wrong move or slip up could erupt into an all-out nuclear war. As war plans are being drawn up and heated words exchanged, Yisrayl Hawkins and a dedicated group of workers are publishing plans for peace and words of kindness that have the ability to change the hearts and minds. Plan for your future by getting involved today.  Contact the House of Yahweh and when you do dont forget to request your free Prophetic Word Magazine and monthly Newsletter. Heres how.


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