YPN News 10-16-2016


Caton: Welcome to another edition of YPN News bringing you news as it’s relates to Bible Prophecy and foretold by Yisrayl Hawkins. The Russian government is telling its citizen, hey you better prepare for nuclear war, the current state of Egypt we’re going to look at as well today in our report and we have more on the ongoing conflict in Syria, which seems never ending. But first we’re going to start


Caton: But first we’re going to start off with, Russian state TV.  They have suggested people should prepare for nuclear war. In the televised broadcast, statements were made saying, “all of you should know where the nearest bomb shelter” is as well as showing a bomb shelter and how people could be sustained in the event of a nuclear attack. Also on Russian TV, newscasters stated how Russia was tired of arrogant American abuse and that there’s no more wiggle room. Also Jeff regarding the war in Syria was mentions and how Russia would shoot down anything that endangers its troops. And remember we talked about that before, with the S300 and S400 missile defense system.


Jeff: As a note, this month Russia deployed nuclear capable missiles closer to Europe. They also held civil defense drills preparing people for disasters. Including nuclear catastrophe, like in the soviet times during the cold war era. Russian president Vladimir Putin said, “This is not our choice, we never aspire to this. Quite the opposite, we want friendly relations.”


Caton: We now turn our attention to the ongoing tit for tat that the U.S. and Russia are involved in. White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest spoke recently at a press hearing concerning Russia and the Syrian conflict saying, “Russia has not made much progress against ISIL, claiming that the reason they’re in Syria is to fight extremist but they haven’t achieved a significant counter-ISIL objective in more than 7 months but have tried to claim credit for successful U.S. operations.


Jeff: In another press hearing with the U.S. state department spokesperson Elizabeth Trudeau, RT’s Gayane Chichakyan asked if the U.S. lived up to the agreements of the recent failed cease-fire deal. Regarding separation of rebels from terrorist, she said, “The united states continued to have detailed ongoing discussions with members of the opposition expressing our view on the importance of pulling apart from al-Nusra.”


Caton: One of the reasons that the US hasn’t really dealt with the opposition is because they have become intermingled (speaking of the opposition) with the civilian population and the US wants to limit the number of civilian casualties. That was according to State Department spokesperson John Kirby.


Jeff: Russia’s UN ambassador, Vitaly Churkin was questioned about his countries involvement in the bombing campaigns that killed innocent civilians including women and children. His response, “Had it not have been for our intervention in Syria, the black flags (referring to ISIS) would’ve been flying over Damascus. Our military tries to choose their targets very carefully. Eastern Aleppo has been taken hostage by al-Nusra and others who are working with Nusra.


Caton: He continued, “Please give us a recipe about how to deal with it.” He also stated that the U.S. said that they were in a better position to prevent civilian casualties, and that’s another reason why the U.S. and Russia should work together to further prevent civilian deaths. Unfortunately that didn’t work out from the perspective of the United States.”


Jeff: U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, recently spoke at the Pentagon saying, Russia’s support of Bashar al-Assad is equivalent to pouring gasoline on the fire. Even President Obama expressed how Russia and Assad’s alliance won’t work and they’ll end up in a quagmire or in other words Caton, a mess or predicament.


Caton: If your remember, Secretary of State John Kerry stated that he’s argued for the use of force even standing up an announcing that we’re going to attack Assad because of the weapons. We reported on that not too long ago.


Jeff: So, if either participant’s tactics aren’t working in Syria, then it may be time to switch to ‘Plan B’. Well, take a look at how deputy secretary of State Anthony Blinken stumbled through questions by Senator Bob Corker, the Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee….(Video)


Caton: Looking a little further east to a confrontation between the U.S. military and the Chinese over a U.S. spy plane flying over what china deems sovereign territory, but the US recognizes as international waters. As a US plane flew above the South China Sea, pilots were met with stern warnings from the Chinese military over the radio telling the U.S. aircraft they were approaching a Chinese military alert zone and to go! These activities took place high above the manmade islands manufactured Islands. Which we brought out not to long ago, that China was dredging the bottom of the ocean and actually creating these airbases out in the middle of pretty much nowhere. But these islands are actually hundreds of miles off the coast of mainland China.


Jeff: Well friction on the sea is not just limited to the U.S. and China, our Chief Correspondent Larry McGee has our story on the UK warship that’s scheduled to meet Russia. Also war taking place in Egypt, and controversy over Israeli settlements. Larry what do you have for us today? 


Larry: The British Navy is set to dispatch warships to confront and escort a Russian aircraft carrier- and several vessels suspected to be accompanying it, as it passes by the UK waters. The ship is said to be Russia’s only aircraft carrier- it transports helicopters and planes if need be, and it has been confirmed to have departed from the Russian port town of Severomorsk along with several other ships, all headed for the Mediterranean Sea.


Reports are that the ships are scheduled to perform military exercises along the way, and the course that they have plotted, will carry them through the North Sea, past Scotland, down the British Coast, and through the English Channel. Because of that fact, Britain’s Royal Navy is going to be on alert as they sail by, and accompanying them as they do so. On record however, the U.K. is downplaying the situation, explaining their planned response as standard procedure. The upcoming maneuvers by the Russians are apparently not a spur-of-the-moment thing, reports are that Moscow made its intentions known as early as September. It is the current conflict between the two Quartet members over Syria that is thought to be driving the tension concerning the upcoming drills.


Retaliation is coming down upon ISIS locations in the Sinai Peninsula, following airstrikes by Egypt, for ISIS attacks which are said to have killed 12 Egyptian soldiers at a check point. The mercenaries then bragged about the number being as high as twenty, and how they carried out the killings without suffering any casualties of their own. Regional analyst report that despite several efforts, Cairo was ineffective in its attempts to restore order to the area where the attacks were committed.


Political Commentator Hazim Salem commented, that there is a need for reconsidering the strategy that the government has been employing, and working to help the public to feel safe and more secure. The Sinai Peninsula has experienced an upsurge in violence since the coup against President Morrissey in 2013, ISIS, has reportedly been working since that time to develop a stronghold in the nation, targeting and killing both military forces and foreigners in Egypt. ISIS, which is also now being called Takfir – a reference to the Islamic law of excommunication – where one Muslim deems another an unbeliever – is being credited with killing hundreds of soldiers and policemen all across the country. The current government of the ancient Hamitic nation says Egypt is in a state of War, and most of its citizens are now bracing themselves for battle against the Takfir mercenaries of ISIS, who are seeking to extend their base into North Africa.


To the Northeast, Iran’s Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations is cautioning against what he

believes is the destabilizing effect of arms sells to Israel and Saudi Arabia. In his address to the first committee of the United Nations General Assembly, the Persian diplomat called for global nuclear disarmament, and leveled claims against Israel regarding aggression, occupation, genocide, and terrorism. He went on to say that Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons represents the biggest threat to the security of the non-nuclear states of the Euphrates, and feels that Israel must 

Be compelled to submit to the NPT and other relevant treaties which ban weapons of mass destruction.

For YPN News, I’m Larry McGee. Caton, Jeff…back to you.


Caton: Well that’s an ongoing situation that I’m sure many people would like to see brought to a peaceful end. North Korea has test launched yet another ballistic missile, this time near the Northwestern city of Kusong. Pentagon spokesman, Gary Ross, said in a statement, We strongly condemn this and North Korea’s other recent missile tests, which violate UN Security Council resolutions explicitly prohibiting North Korea’s launches using ballistic missile technology.


Jeff: Ross added the US intends to voice its concerns at the United Nations to boost international resolve to hold North Korea accountable for its actions.  It was determined by NORAD, the missile launch posed no threat to North America. However Washington called on Pyongyang to quote, “refrain from actions that further raise tensions in the region.”


Caton: The USs commitment to defending its South Korean and Japanese allies is ironclad, Ross Said. Well Pyongyang has made a number of missile tests this year and vows to continue to do so until Washington ends its provocative policies towards North Korea.


Jeff: Turning our attention back to the Middle East, our focus is Syria and another attempt at a political solution.  Lausanne, Switzerland, was the location for the newest round of international talks concerning the Syrian crisis. Secretary of State, John Kerry invited his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov and other top foreign officials to the meeting held Saturday, October 15th. Among the participating countries were the US, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar, Egypt and Jordan.


Caton: When asked what he thought about the meeting prior to it, foreign Minister Lavrov had low expectations for any progress in halting the violence in Syria. If you remember, the US and Russia brokered a ceasefire deal which had ended abruptly when Washington said it could not separate terrorist groups from those it calls moderate opposition.


Jeff: While no consensus over a new ceasefire deal was reached at the meeting in Lausanne all countries agreed on the fact that Syria needed a political solution. Secretary Kerry said the ideas need to be followed up quickly. But the talks ended Caton, with no real progress made. They really got nowhere in these talks. From the Swiss talks Mr. Kerry was scheduled to brief French, German and British allies, in London the following day.



Caton: We tend to hear the reasons why the fighting cannot be stopped by the politicians, but the reasons why the fighting should stop are apparent when you listen to one Humanitarian calling for a halt to the violence. In an interview with Deutche Welle News, Yans Egeland, UN Advisor on Humanitarian Access in Syria and Head of the Norwegian Refugee Council recounts his firsthand experience in Syria and how the country has continually grown worse to the present day.


Jeff: Visiting the war-torn city of Aleppo in February of 2013, the humanitarian thought things could not get worse, as he witnessed parents digging through leveled apartment buildings for their children. According to reports, the buildings had been hit by Scud missiles from government controlled areas.


Caton: That was 3 ½ years ago but Jans Egeland reports, Its become worse every single month since that time. So its the Sarajevo of our time and age. Its a large city and we see the slow death of this large city. Egeland insists, It has to stop. His solution? To stop the “…bombardment, to end the use of violence.


Jeff: But he also says, President Assad is building up a military solution as the key to winning the war. Of course Assads government is backed by Russia and Iran while the opposition groups are supported by the US as well as a host of other countries. But they have been using their military solution for the past five years with no positive outcome and certainly no peace.


Caton: So the military option is definitely not working. Egeland told DW News, We are humanitarians. We see there is no military solution. He went on to say, It will continue and continue if they only try military means.


Jeff: He added the only way peace might be attained is by Russia and the US working together in a joint partnership to guide the country to peace. Also the Gulf countries involved would need to stop adding as he called it, fuel to the fire. As a result of the war there is a real humanitarian crisis taking place in Syria, especially in the rebel controlled East Aleppo. It is estimated there Caton that 250,000, a quarter of million people, still reside in that section of the city. And they are in desperate need of some help.


Caton: But access to the people is extremely difficult to gain. Egeland reported, We havent been able to reach eastern Aleppo with any significant aid since the end of June. The medical crisis could not be worse. He continued, The remaining six functioning hospitals; have nearly all of them, been bombedwell over 400 dead now, well over 100 dead children, well over 1,300 injured. So quite a few.


Jeff: Work is being done around the clock to get the wounded evacuated and to get medical supplies and even new personnel into the country. However Mr. Egeland said they have been unsuccessful because there is no pause to the fighting, it isnt stopping. And permits there are difficult to obtain to actually have permission to enter the city.


Caton: To do their humanitarian work?


Jeff: That’s right.


Caton: When asked if he felt the international community as a whole has failed the people of Syria, he said, Absolutely. Weve all failedI hope that they will succeed in Lausanne, because if not we will be picking up the pieces in this devastating civil war.


Jeff: Well, Jans Egeland is right. War and violence is not the answer that will bring peace to Syria or anywhere in this world. Yisrayl Hawkins has been preaching that warning message for decades now, but the governments of this world still insist on going their own way. If things dont turn around soon, we will all be picking up the pieces, not just in Syria but over the entire world.


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