Are Your Prayers Being Heard? Why not?

Everything written in this article is backed by Scriptures. The Inspired Scriptures show the future and the way to Life Eternal. Please study the Scriptures closely.   WE PRAY FOR RAIN, BUT WE GET HAIL   Are Your Prayers Being Heard? Why not?   Pray for Rain! Pray for Rain! Pray for Rain!   That’s […] Read more »

You Know Not What You Worship

The Savior, Yahshua Messiah, said you don’t know what you worship. Yahchanan 4:22 You do not know what you worship; we know what we worship, for salvation is from the Yahdaim.   The Hebrew word translated Yahdaim means those who reverence Yahweh, to which the Apostle Shaul (Paul, KJV) said the following. II Timayah 2:19 […] Read more »

Let The Children Come

            Protesting children crossing border (Monica Almeida/The New York Times)   President Barack Obama and all world leaders, the children that are coming to the United States from Central America need our help. The worst thing you could do is to turn them away. You certainly don’t want them asking […] Read more »

Pope Francis, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, The Man of Sin? See Prophecies

The Book of Yahweh makes the claim of being inspired by the Creator Yahweh and backs its claims with proof of being able to foretell the future. Everyone should know that it is not humanly possible to foretell future events, but the Inspired Scriptures do it well in a very timely fashion. For absolute proof, […] Read more »

Rome to burn with Nuclear Burning—Prophecy

The city that sits on seven hills has been very active in fulfilling the Words of the Inspired Prophets of Yahweh as shown in your bible. We are shown in Revelation Chapter 17 the city that reigns over the kings of the earth in this generation and identifies that city as sitting on seven hills. […] Read more »

Fort Hood Shooting–The Real Cause

Before Ivan Lopez allegedly killed himself, three others, and wounded sixteen, he used the very words of Cain, found in the fourth chapter of the bible, to describe his years of agony, which normally precedes murder. Notice, from The Book of Yahweh, Yahweh’s Words to Cain before his rampage and murder of Abel, a Righteous […] Read more »

Why is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Refusing Prevention?

  ·     Why in a modern scientific world are the bugs multiplying and becoming super? ·     Why are babies born with anencephaly in today’s highly educated world? ·     Do the scientists know something they are not telling the public? ·     Is there something the public could or should be doing that they are not? ·     […] Read more »