“Lord” or “The Lord” Not Titles or Name of The Creator

  Many people are searching for contact with the Creator. Some give up after years of searching. Others search until death and yet, never have a prayer answered. Read the following Scripture and you should start to understand. Revelation 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the devil, and Satan, […] Read more »

A Way to Peace for Any Nation in this Generation

    Let me first show you how you can believe what is shown in this article. Yahchanan says the Prophecies written in The Book of Yahweh show they are Yahweh’s Plan. Yahweh inspired His Prophets to write the Prophecies to show those who are interested in Righteousness the way to Eternal Life, and to […] Read more »

Satan Worship? Proof, Read All

  The Scriptures showing Salvation or the opposite, and how it will all take place, are very simple. Satan worship, leading the world to sickness of all kinds and obvious confusion, is seen in every news show today. Hatred, fighting, wars, and soon nuclear wars, are shown clearly in your bible and even better in […] Read more »

Yahweh’s Gathering Starts April 10-18, 2017

  So, who is Yahweh? Few know it, but Yahweh is the Name of the Creator. Find out the reason few know this as you continue to read. Yahweh is indeed the Name of the Creator of heaven and earth. Yahweh is not a God or a Lord. He is shown to be, in all […] Read more »

Assad Vows He Will By Force, Of Course

 President Assad vows to take back everything lost to all of his “enemies”. “Then, we will have peace?” President Trump vows a wall and a haul to rid the United States of America from all refugees. “Then, we will have peace?” I do respect every man and woman in and out of any office, and […] Read more »

All Nations, All Religions Need Now to Repent

 There are 4199 religions in this generation and all of you are practicing murder and war. According to your versions of The Book of Yahweh, such as the King James Version, and the very plain, inspired Scriptures in The Book of Yahweh, all 4199 houses of the Gods you call churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, shrines, […] Read more »

Unity – The Missing Link There’s a Cause for All Curses

We call this country the United States, and it is somewhat. The Roman Catholic Church and the tyrannical Vatican (divining serpent) used the tyrant, Columbus, to either slaughter or “educate” all of the original settlers living in the Americas, before the Queen actually sent Columbus to either wipe out or convert the first settlers to […] Read more »