Open Letter to Pope Francis

Our names spell out our positions and our futures. The name Jorge means farmer or earthly. In the beginning of creation, Cain bore the same earthly spirit Genesis 4:3 And on one of Yahweh’s Sabbaths, it came to pass that Cain brought an offering of the fruit of the ground to Yahweh.   Mario means […] Read more »

They Look Up and Curse Their Gods

  Isayah 8:20-22 20 To the Laws and to the Prophecies: if they speak not according to this Word, it is because there is no Light in them. 21 And they will pass through it hard pressed and hungry; and it will come to pass when they are hungry, that they will be enraged and […] Read more »

The ‘Supreme’ Judges for Today’s World

  They rejected Yahweh again as in: I Samuyl 8:4-9— 4    Then all the elders of Israyl gathered together and approached Samuyl when he was at Ramah, 5    Saying to him; You are old, and your sons do not walk in your ways. Appoint us a king to judge us; just like all the other […] Read more »

Depopulation Of The Earth Is Not The Answer

  For men to make the excuse that they must depopulate the earth is nothing but mass murder and shows it’s in their hearts. Your bible shows they have chosen death for themselves, not Eternal Life. Be it the Pope or the many Gods you follow, and no matter the excuses you use or decisions […] Read more »

The Crusades Will Get Worse Until Nuclear

  All religions of the world are guilty of the crusades we see growing. Where and when the crusades got started, why they started, and where they will end, are not being told by any religion on earth. Only The House of Yahweh gives the answers. It’s important to know how to stay uninvolved in […] Read more »

Jim Crow and Nim-Rod are Brothers in Evil

  President Barack Obama compared the actions of Islamic State jihadists to acts of violence committed by Christian crusaders during the National Prayer Breakfast.   People are freaking out after Obama compared ISIS to the Crusades   Business Insider By Colin Campbell February 6, 2015   President Barack Obama caused a wave of backlash after […] Read more »

People Leaving the Religions Because Scripture is Denied

  Religious leaders do not want to admit the real reason that people, young and old, are leaving their houses of God worship. As I’ve been told, the simple fact is the people are wising up and finally reading their bibles instead of the Catechisms of the Catholic Church and the many church pamphlets that […] Read more »

Why Does Your Bible Say “Don’t Have Sex”?

  Well, it doesn’t exactly, but you do need to stop the cruelty to children, women and men, shown in the news articles that you’ll read as you continue in this letter. Read the articles and see what is increasing daily, not completely because of sex, but because of certain types of sex. You do […] Read more »