Keep The Feasts With Yisrayl Hawkins!

Hey! Let us keep the Feast, Yisrayl Hawkins says. Date October 10th-17th, 2014 Yisrayl Hawkins says he is going to a Feast and he wants all of you to meet him there. This is not just any Feast, but one of three annual Feasts found in the Inspired Holy Scriptures that most people think were […] Read more »

What Could Be More Powerful Than The Nuclear Bomb? Non-Fiction

Everyone in the world needs to know, now, what is revealed in this article. You need to read the whole article. Once it’s read, you would be wise to let your representatives know this information. If you push it aside because Scriptures are used, you will miss out on the only power that will bring […] Read more »

Fifty-two Years Warning…Now You Drink Your Own Urine, as Prophesied

The Savior and the Prophets of Yahweh prophesied famine for this generation. But not just famine, the worst famine ever since there was a nation. Coupled with this prophecy, Yahshua prophesied an extreme increase in hatred among the nations, as well as an increase in iniquity. Iniquity means doing way with the Laws of the […] Read more »

The Shooting of Michael Brown by Darren Wilson

First off, I want to say that what you are seeing and have seen thus far is only one drop in the midst of a perfectly planned storm that will be the worst in the history of the police and all armed forces, and it didn’t start in Ferguson, Missouri. In this article, I will […] Read more »

Robin Williams…Hopefully His Way of Death Was Not in Vain

The way of death that he chose is a great reminder of why we are told in Yahweh’s Inspired Writings by His Prophets to diligently and constantly teach our children Yahweh’s Righteousness. Deuteronomy 6:1-7– 1 Now these are the Laws, the Statutes, and the Judgments which Yahweh your Father has commanded me to teach you: […] Read more »

Yahweh’s Prophets Spoke of This Generation

Satan failed to tell Eve that the Gods would not answer her prayers when the devil deceived her into practicing sin. Be evil like the Gods; it’s a lot of fun, Satan said. The other side of the coin was not shown until later when the plagues began in the form of sickness, disease, hatred, […] Read more »

Marijuana? America, Why Are You So Quick To Do Evil?

You would think that with all the costs of trying to get people to stop smoking cigarettes due to the health risks and the ruin of lives from people allowing their families to starve so they can buy high-priced cigarettes, that you wouldn’t allow a worse smoking product to be legalized. Those who would like […] Read more »

Are Your Prayers Being Heard? Why not?

Everything written in this article is backed by Scriptures. The Inspired Scriptures show the future and the way to Life Eternal. Please study the Scriptures closely.   WE PRAY FOR RAIN, BUT WE GET HAIL   Are Your Prayers Being Heard? Why not?   Pray for Rain! Pray for Rain! Pray for Rain!   That’s […] Read more »

You Know Not What You Worship

The Savior, Yahshua Messiah, said you don’t know what you worship. Yahchanan 4:22 You do not know what you worship; we know what we worship, for salvation is from the Yahdaim.   The Hebrew word translated Yahdaim means those who reverence Yahweh, to which the Apostle Shaul (Paul, KJV) said the following. II Timayah 2:19 […] Read more »