The Perfect Way To Get…

 The Perfect Way to Get… Cancer Diabetes Alzheimer’s Disease Heart Disease Lung Disease And An Array of Other Diseases   All nations listen to this Last Days’ Warning from Yahweh. The whole world is in serious trouble, caused by religions. Diseases, per person, have increased more in this generation than in all the generations before […] Read more »

Peter Was Not The First Pope – Uncovers a Lot of Deceit

    President Barack Obama made the statement recently that everyone really needs to read their Bibles.   Peter was not the name of the person who wrote two books that King James authorized to be rendered First and Second Peter. That name is an insult, to say the least. The next insult upon this […] Read more »

The Kingdom of Yahweh Yahdah Rules Today From Rome Bringing Destruction

    The Kingdom of Yahweh is the greatest, most Powerful Kingdom in the universe but the most misunderstood by all earthly kingdoms. It’s the only Kingdom that offers Eternal Life to mankind. It’s the only Kingdom that offers family membership to each and every being. It’s the only Kingdom that requires Righteous character to […] Read more »