Peter Was Not The First Pope – Uncovers a Lot of Deceit

    President Barack Obama made the statement recently that everyone really needs to read their Bibles.   Peter was not the name of the person who wrote two books that King James authorized to be rendered First and Second Peter. That name is an insult, to say the least. The next insult upon this […] Read more »

The Kingdom of Yahweh Yahdah Rules Today From Rome Bringing Destruction

    The Kingdom of Yahweh is the greatest, most Powerful Kingdom in the universe but the most misunderstood by all earthly kingdoms. It’s the only Kingdom that offers Eternal Life to mankind. It’s the only Kingdom that offers family membership to each and every being. It’s the only Kingdom that requires Righteous character to […] Read more »

Have The Religions Gone Too Far To Repent?

    President Barack Obama said recently that people need to read their bible. Pat Robertson of the 700 Club confessed that Yahweh is the Name of the Creator, as seen in the following transcript excerpt.   The [Creator] of the Bible Has A Name. It is not Allah. I have said that I thought […] Read more »

Yahweh Reveals Secrets

Yahweh Reveals Secrets   We are shown in the Book of Daniyl by a worldly king and God worshipper that Yahweh reveals secrets. We are shown, in the beginning, that the Gods are not like the Creator Yahweh. They are evil. Genesis 3:1-5 1 Now the serpent was more subtle and crafty than any beast […] Read more »

By Peace the Vatican Will Destroy Many

By Peace the Vatican Will Destroy Many The destruction the world is facing at this time has a cause. There is an agency behind it. It’s leading, commanding and guiding the world, not toward peace, although it declares peace. Destruction, such as defilement, sickness, confusion, hatred, war, and fighting will continue to grow until they […] Read more »

Experience The Joy Found When Celebrating Yahweh’s Feasts

    The Passover Feast of Unleavened Bread, indeed all of Yahweh’s set Appointments, are much more than just eating together top of the line kosher foods. Although, they are that too. The Seder started with three hours of feasting on the best cooked buffalo I have ever tasted, served with unleavened bread that is […] Read more »