What Could Take the Place of Wars?

It would be great to just tell everyone to stop war and they would stop, never to fight again; but like air in a bottle, it must be replaced with something or it will return. The roman catholic church, with their great roman empire, for over 1,500 years tried to force peace for themselves, while […] Read more »

Could All Nations Be Guilty Of Murder?

To those who know some of the many Prophecies in the Inspired Writings of the Prophets, I call this to your attention. And also to those who know little or nothing concerning the Inspired Prophecies written in The Book of Yahweh, which was translated into many different languages and called by different names, such as […] Read more »

Could Bible Prophecy Foretell Your Sickness Or Your Health?

The Inspired Scriptures, written by Yahweh’s Prophets, in the Book of Yahweh say do not do certain things or your will suffer confusion. This is one of the many plagues foretold for this present, prophesied generation. Prophecy also says to come out from among them and be separate or you will suffer the latest, scientifically […] Read more »

Revenge is What We See! We Will Also See It Worsen!

The leaders of America and all other countries cry out for revenge.   An American Attack on ISIS in Iraq Could Mean Retaliation Back Home For the moment, the militant group has focused on expanding its reach in Syria and Iraq. But U.S. attacks could bring its gaze Westward, and with thousands of foreign jihadis […] Read more »

Did I Not Tell You Plagues Multiplied In This Generation?

Since 1974, forty years ago, the Prophetic Word newsletter has been going to the wilderness of people from the  Last Days or Last Generation’s Prophesied House of Yahweh. This monthly newsletter, that started the Work of Yahweh in Abilene, Texas, began Yahweh’s Warning to the world that their sins, in this generation, were multiplying and […] Read more »

Ebola…What’s Prophesied Next for this Present Prophesied Generation?

Ebola…What’s Prophesied Next for this Present Prophesied Generation?   Some do not want freedom of speech. Some do not want the cause shown. Should we continue to hide the Truth because some do not want it told?   Ebola virus n [Ebola River, Democratic Republic of the Congo] (1976): any of several filoviruses (genus Ebola […] Read more »

Drugs Were Not The Cause of Robin Willams’ Death…Learn the Truth

People get hooked on drugs because they are taught or forced to do so. In this generation, those who make money off the sale of drugs, advertise and sell drugs. The same drug dealers who bring in billions of dollars from drug sales also get their propaganda into hollywood movies convincing everyone that doctors are […] Read more »

Surely We Can See Wars

Yahweh’s Prophecies are 100% True. Every plague is shown in so many details. Why is the whole world pushing forward actions that will bring the nuclear burning of the whole earth and the murder of four-fifths of the earth’s population?   Bible Prophecies Show the Answers   It’s not surprising that the Savior, Yahshua Messiah, […] Read more »