To Build A Wall Or Maybe A Fence; That Is The Question

Should we build a wall or a fence between us and our neighbors? Should we build neither? How do we force our “enemies”, as we wish to call them, to stop coming on our land? Is this really our land? Did we buy this land? When the Roman Catholic Church passed their laws of discovery […] Read more »

It’s Time to Rebuild the Temple on Mount Zion!

    There are many Prophecies in your bible, better yet The Book of Yahweh, that show the temple will be rebuilt in this generation, in troublous times. Book of Yahweh? Isayah  34:16 Search out The Book Of Yahweh, and read. Not one of these will be neglected. For it is written: Yahweh is their […] Read more »

Open Letter to Israyli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu

We tell it like it is, like it was, and like it will be!   I know you are weighed down with problems for which you have no answers. I also know that the Vatican–the leader of the kings of the earth–is following its plans to depopulate the earth, ridding it of all religions that […] Read more »

The Quartet in Prophecy

  The Quartet was not formed until 2002, but it was spoken of in The Book of Yahweh thousands of years before it was established. The actions of the United States, European Union, United Nations and Russia (the Quartet) are fully described in your bible; although, not as well as they are in The Book […] Read more »

Can You Give Yourself Brain Cancer?

  There are a huge variety of brain cancers, most of which have been created in this generation, which started in 1934. The time period and the present activities, when coupled with Prophecy, give sure guides to the cause of millions of people suffering and dying miserable deaths. They are also guides to this prophesied […] Read more »