The Work of Yahweh in This Generation

  Yahweh our Righteousness. Yeremyah 23:6 …Yahweh our Righteousness. There is a prophesied Work of Yahweh established in the United States. It was established in 1983, in the time period called, by the Savior, Yahshua Messiah, the Last Days. It is also the generation of the nuclear bombs that can darken the sun. In 29 […] Read more »

The Two Witnesses Are Prophesied To Teach Yahweh’s Laws

    The Two Witnesses are part of the prophesied Work of Yahweh for this prophesied generation. Read first: Amosyah 3:7 Most assuredly Father Yahweh will have no work, other than the Work that He has prophesied in advance by His Servants the Prophets.   The Savior, Yahshua Messiah, said: Luke 24:25 Then He said […] Read more »

Prophecy Shows Two Nuclear Wars, the Why and the Cause

  Yisrayl Explains How This Is So…   Let me show you the difference in worshipping Yahweh and the worship of the Gods.   The Creator Yahweh Was Rejected For the Gods. – Still So in This Generation   The Book of Romans reveals to us this rejection, Yahweh’s warning; and Yahweh allowing Yahdah to […] Read more »

The Vatican Is Pretending to Forgive Sins

 The Vatican just sent out what Yahweh’s Prophet Daniyl calls “the mouth of the beast”, called pope today, to spread more of what your bible and The Book of Yahweh call deception. Vatican means divining serpent. The word “Vatican” literally means “Divining Serpent,” and is derived from Vatis = Diviner and Can = Serpent. Vatican […] Read more »

The Number One Reason People Do Not Understand The Scriptures

  There is a Plan being worked out here on Earth to make mankind into the leaders of the universe. This Plan is shown in your bible and better in The Book of Yahweh, available in English since 1987. The whys are revealed and they are obvious once you understand what Yahweh shows us in […] Read more »

For Salvation, Should One Follow The Inspired Scriptures?

  The inspired Writings of Yahweh’s Prophets and Apostles prove themselves to be the Instruction from the Creator, Yahweh, because Yahweh foretells the future events and His Prophecies always come true. That proves the Scriptures come from a Higher Power than mankind, because foretelling the future is not and never has been in mankind’s ability. […] Read more »

The Unbelieving World of Wars

We will have the worst of everything in this generation because the religions have made it so. Those are the Words of Yahshua Messiah. Yahshua is the True Name of the Savior. His name was changed by the unbelieving Roman Catholic Church and Vatican. Vatican means the divining serpent. Your bible and The Book of […] Read more »